Hyperscale designs reduce cost and complexity - and are available for a broad range of data center networks.
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We're Delivering Hyperscale Networking to Data Centers Around the World

Products that strip-away complexity and reduce cost

Big Cloud Fabric

The Big Cloud Fabric brings hyperscale designs to a broad range of data center networks. An integrated design for OpenStack, performance for Big Data and policy for VDI.

Big Tap Monitoring Fabric

The Big Tap Monitoring Fabric is the first scale-out approach to connect any network tap to any tool at any time. Tapping to the top of the rack is now possible.

Bare Metal SDN

Learn more about the key technologies emerging from hyperscale networking.  Bare metal hardware and SDN-style software, architected in a core-and-pod data center design

Look who's making the switch...

"We wanted to find a commercial product where we didn’t have to sit down and write code for hours. The idea for us is plug it in, get a basic configuration going, and then tweak it from there."

Assistant Director, Networking, Bucknell University