Company Mission

Every time you search on Google, friend on Facebook or start a VM on Amazon, you are using the world’s most cost-efficient and most automated data center networks. Our mission is to bring hyperscale networking to a broader audience.  We do this by delivering fit-for-purpose products based on hyperscale networking technologies.


Product Portfolio

Big Switch is taking key hyperscale networking design principles and applying them to fit-for-purpose products for enterprises, cloud providers and service providers. The company’s Big Monitoring Fabric is an entry level solution to monitor existing networks, and the flagship Big Cloud Fabric is the industry’s most advanced bare metal SDN switching fabric intended for new data center pods such as private cloud, big data and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). 


The Big Cloud Fabric embraces the hyperscale data center network design principles to enable rapid innovation, easy provisioning and management, while reducing overall costs. By featuring SDN software and bare metal Ethernet switch hardware in pod designs, the Big Cloud Fabric delivers multi-hypervisor based hyperscale networking to a broad class of users. The BCF solution is available in two editions:
  • P Fabric Edition: a physical leaf and spine fabric targeting a broad range of data center environments, including KVM/OVS, ESX, Hyper-V, Bare Metal, or a mix.

  • P+V Fabric Edition: a physical + virtual fabric where leaf, spine and virtual switches are controlled by the Big Cloud Fabric Controller.


The Big Monitoring Fabric is an advanced network visibility solution that leverages high-performance bare metal Ethernet switches to provide the most scalable, flexible and cost-effective monitoring fabric.  Using an SDN-centric architecture, Big Mon enables tapping traffic everywhere in the network and delivers it to any troubleshooting, network monitoring, application performance monitoring or security tool.


Underlying Technologies

To bring complete solutions to market, Big Switch's bare metal SDN fabrics leverage the company's Switch Light technology in the data plane, sharing the same codebase and operational model across a range of physical hardware platforms and hypervisors. In conjunction with a centralized SDN controller, Switch Light enables dramatic reductions in the cost of your network operations and eliminates time-consuming, manual procedures by enabling central provisioning, automation and troubleshooting.  To learn more about Switch Light, please visit

The Switch Light OS is a bare metal switch OS purpose built for SDN, while the Switch Light VX is a high performance SDN vSwitch for Unified P+V solutions


Open Philosophy

Since inception, Big Switch Networks has been an active member of a number of open source communities and contributor to numerous projects. Core to the company's engineering philosophy is a component-based approach, where open source and commercial modules exist side-by-side. When combined with strong ethos of engineering design, this leads to a higher quality product experience in the near term, faster innovation in the mid term and more customer choice in the long term.

We are currently active members of three open source communities:

  • OpenStack: The company has participated both as a downstream user of OpenStack, a commercial entity in the OpenStack product ecosystem and as a significant upstream contributor.
  • The Open Compute Project: Big Switch co-sponsored the contribution of ONIE (Open Network Install Environment), and most recently led the contribution of Open Network Linux.
  • The Open Networking Foundation: Big Switch employees have chaired multiple working groups, including the Architecture Working Group and the Technical Advisory Group. 

In addition to contributions as a member in large community work, the company has actively contributed to its own open source projects; Project Floodlight and Project Indigo.  To learn more about our Open Philosophy, please visit


 Big Switch Networks Partner Community

Software innovation paired with widely available bare metal and open hardware allows Big Switch Partners to bring SDN solution leadership to market.  Our partner program allows resale, technology and strategic partnerships to thrive with compelling rewards for value added.  Our joint solutions offer customers the broadest range of deployment options to drive new levels of business agility, flexibility and reduced cost of ownership of network operations.

To learn more about our partners and partnership opportunities, please visit:


Company Background

Big Switch was founded in 2010.  With roots in the original Stanford research team that invented Software Defined Networking (SDN), the company is widely considered one of the original SDN pioneers and has one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of enabling technologies for SDN. 

Starting in 2013, the company began packaging technology components in to Bare Metal SDN Fabric Solutions, bringing together the advanced feature sets enabled by SDN software with the industry-leading price points provided by bare metal switches.  While switching and routing is one area of focus, these core technologies are currently being applied in several key networking markets.


Getting Started

Whether you want to monitor legacy networks or  build an IaaS cloud, move to a fabric architecture or build a bare metal SDN pod…We can help.  Choose a project where we can start and call us in.  Get hands-on experience with our product offerings, register for a free online trial at:


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