Leaf Spine Clos Fabric for Data Centers


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Big Cloud Fabric™ is the industry’s first data center fabric built using whitebox or britebox switches and SDN controller technology. Embracing hyperscale data center design principles, Big Cloud Fabric solution enables rapid innovation, ease of provisioning and management, while reducing overall costs, making it ideal for current and next generation data centers.

Big Cloud Fabric is designed from the ground up to satisfy the requirements of physical, virtual, containerized, or a combination of such workloads. Some of the typical OpenStack or VMware data center workloads include NFV, High Performance Computing, Big Data and Software Defined Storage deployments.

Available In Two Editions

  • P Fabric Edition: a leaf and spine physical Clos fabric controlled by the Big Cloud Fabric SDN controller
  • P+V Fabric Edition: a leaf, spine and virtual switch fabric controlled by the Big Cloud Fabric SDN controller

With Big Cloud Fabric, data center infrastructure teams can automate their VMware or OpenStack networks with 16x faster configuration and upgrades, 4x faster application deployment and issue resolution and troubleshooting.

The ACG Research report provides a detailed analysis: The Economic Value of Open SDN Fabrics.


The Big Cloud Fabric architecture maps readily to a traditional redundant chassis switch architecture:

  1. Supervisor Card(s) Controller Cluster
  2. Chassis Backplane Spine Switches
  3. Line Card(s) Leaf Switches