Put an end to searching for the Needle in a Haystack

Big Monitoring Fabric Analytics Node solves many of today’s challenges in troubleshooting application performance, application connectivity, and application oversubscription issues within your data center.

The Next-Generation Network Packet Broker

Analyzed Data at your Fingertips

Mean time to innocence is the new “operative” saying within IT operations teams. When an application problem occurs, whether it is an outage, latency, or security issue, network operations is typically the first to blame. As a network problem could almost be anywhere these teams need a fast way to troubleshoot and report back on their findings.

The Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) Analytics node integrates with the Big Mon Fabric to provide a highly scalable approach leveraging industry standard x86 servers, for ingesting application flow data at wire rate, summarizing this data on the fly, and with natural language search provide answers quickly on issues that the network maybe creating. Moreover, the analytics node can quickly pinpoint offending activities, such as suspicious traffic behaviors from unknown hosts, giant flows from non-business critical hosts, and/or traffic to web sites that have not been approved by the security and compliance teams. Additionally, it also integrates with Big Mon Recorder Node to provide packet level visibility for further detailed analysis and replay.

Rich Graphics with Time Based Analytics

Many operations teams need a historical view of their application flows; whether it be in providing a post-mortem report on a network outage condition a week ago, or for more predictable future outcomes based on past behaviors. Big Mon Analytics data can be searched and analyzed either in real time or back in time with user-defined periods. Data retention is based on storage availability and user-defined data retention policies.

The Big Mon Analytics Node offers a rich GUI, where queried data is presented graphically, typically as top N reports for quickly analyzing the data based on the top consumers, top offenders, top latency conditions, top application types etc. Additionally, flows can be quickly sorted for pinpointing within the topology the ingress and egress points of any traffic conversation.

Flow Collector and Analyzer

The Big Mon Analytics node can collect NetFlow / sFlow either from production switches and routers or from Big Monitoring fabric to provide real-time application level visibility, including tunneled or encapsulated traffic, enable detection of security attacks like DoS/DDoS as well as support sub-second triggering.
As with other Big Mon Fabric products, the Big Mon Analytics Nodes scales horizontally while presenting a single pane of glass UI for all the Big Mon Analytics Nodes.

Big Mon Analytics Node Benefits

  • Supports various Health / Capacity Planning / Troubleshooting dashboards
  • Supports Performance views like Top Talkers, Top Apps, TCP connection/latency tracking etc
  • Supports Security views displaying Rogue DHCP/ DNS servers, identifies IP / MAC Spoofing etc
  • Support various Host views like New Hosts seen, DHCP OS fingerprinting etc
  • Supports Automatic alerting on exceeding various thresholds like link utilization etc
  • Supports sFlow/NetFlow collection to provide real-time application level visibility, including tunneled or encapsulated traffic, enable detection of security attacks like DoS/DDoS and support sub-second triggering
  • Easy to use, Scale-out, High-Performance
  • Integrated / centralized configuration and operational workflows via Big Mon Controller
  • Works on an industry standard x86 server with 128G RAM, 2TB SSD storage, and 10G NIC

Big Switch Networks is at the forefront of the next generation of networking technologies. By combining commodity switch hardware (“white box / brite box”) with sophisticated SDN control software, the company is delivering modern networking fabrics for the world’s most advanced data centers looking to achieve high degrees of network automation at cloud-competitive price points.

Stephen Collins Principal Analyst
ACG Research Network Visibility and Analytics

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