We are excited to announce our expanded partnership with Riverbed to bring application awareness to SDN fabrics.  Both companies are focused on software innovations, leveraging standards-based open hardware, to deliver joint data center solutions.  Big Switch is also joining Riverbed-Ready Technology Alliance Program to drive joint go-to-market activities – to accelerate consumption of SDN fabrics beyond innovators & early adopters, by mainstream Riverbed customers.

Applications are the heart and mind of any data center.  Network infrastructure that inter-connects these applications – whether physical or virtualized – needs to be aware of application requirements, including elasticity, change management, multi-tenancy and performance.  Big Switch is transforming data center networks with modern, hyperscale-style design principles of bare metal switch hardware and SDN controlled fabric software.  This transformation is bringing unprecedented levels of simplification and cost points – characteristics traditionally enjoyed by hyperscale organizations but are now available to all data center users.  With Riverbed’s application-aware networking and performance management technologies, our joint solutions provide application-optimized SDN fabrics to rapidly deploy applications on flexible, programmable network infrastructure and provide seamless change management.  The two integrated and tested joint solutions, both endorsed by Riverbed, are described in detail below.

Solution #1. SteelApp Traffic Manager and Big Cloud Fabric for Application Delivery

The Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) is a leaf-spine fabric built with high-performance 10G/40G bare metal switches and SDN controls. The BCF supports a multi-tenant architecture with the ability to create logical tenants that can span multiple physical racks.   SteelApp Traffic Manager is a virtual ADC that is ideal for cloud environments and is easily integrated into application stacks. This full-featured Layer-7 ADC controls and optimizes end-user services by inspecting, transforming, prioritizing, and routing application traffic.  Within the BCF pod, SteelApp Traffic Manager can be deployed as a dedicated service or as a part of the service chain (see Figure). SteelApp Traffic Manager can load balance either client-server (north-south) traffic coming into the BCF or server-server (east-west) traffic within the BCF.

The BCF and SteelApp Traffic Manager combined solution is scalable, cost-effective and enables ease-of-deployment of applications with seamless pod-centric insertion into existing data centers. It lowers TCO by leveraging low-cost, high-speed bare metal switches and a “pay-as-you-grow” application delivery pricing model. The SDN-powered joint solution enables operational simplicity and automation by providing a single pane-of-glass for configuration, management and troubleshooting. Applications now get high east-west bandwidth, secure multi-tenancy elasticity, and optimal performance.

Solution #2. SteelCentral and Big Tap For Deep Application Visibility

Big Tap Monitoring Fabric is a next-generation network packet broker, architected with bare metal Ethernet switches and SDN controlled fabric software.  Together with SteelCentral, the joint solution provides a cost-optimized, application-aware network monitoring and trouble shooting within and across data centers.  This provides unprecedented scale for data center-wide monitoring, including east-west application-to-application traffic. The SDN-powered Big Tap Monitoring Fabric delivers tapped and SPANed traffic to the SteelCentral application-aware network performance management platform, which ensures comprehensive monitoring with detailed packet capture and analysis (see figure). Customers realize unsurpassed benefits of having a highly scalable, operationally simple solution at a much lower TCO, while eliminating the choke points typically seen in static, box-centric monitoring solutions.

We are showcasing both of these joint solutions at the Riverbed Force 2014 Partner Pavilion in San Jose, CA to be held Nov 3-6, 2014. If you are in the neighborhood, please do drop by our booth.

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