Four years ago, we realized that traditional approaches to designing and building network infrastructure were no longer sustainable. We teamed up with some very sophisticated users who shared their challenges and a vision for an open and standards-based software-defined networking platform. With no installed base or legacy business to preserve, Big Switch had the luxury of starting with a clean slate. We recognized that network programmability, flexibility and new levels of network service delivery were achievable—if we focused on users and not existing commercial constraints. 

We were able to abandon closed and proprietary systems, deliver greater utility and increased cost effectiveness. An ecosystem of southbound and northbound partners and investors that value an open, platform- independent architecture embraced this approach, and a large open source community has helped us deliver the first Open SDN product suite. We’ve enjoyed the support of  strong investors that share this vision: Goldman Sachs, Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and others.

Big Switch Networks Investors

Today I’m pleased to welcome  Intel Capital to the community. Intel has joined the community as our newest investor to address the growing need for innovative networking solutions that support virtualized and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud data centers- software-defined networking and merchant silicon Ethernet switches that will enable new levels of network agility and cost-effective operations for cloud and enterprise scale-out data centers. 

“Data center operators need programmable and cost effective merchant silicon-based networking architectures to meet their data center economic and operational objectives,” said Bryan Wolf, Managing Director of Intel Capital. “At Intel Capital, we’re looking for companies creating the most disruptive data center solutions, and Big Switch Networks Open Software-Defined Networking product suite is a leading solution in data center network virtualization.”

Big Switch was founded in March of 2010 and we closed our Series A ($14M) in March of 2011. Intel’s investment brings our total amount raised to date to $45M with a $31M Series B. Our products are generally available, we’re deployed in productions networks, and our customers understand that they control their own destiny. If they stay the course they can be at the helm of the biggest network transformation in 20 years.

Our tank is full and we’re excited to have Intel on board for a great ride.

– Guido Appenzeller