Big Switch inCNTRE plugfest test rack

The Colts season has ended and the Indy 500 is months away, but teams are heading to Indianapolis this week for the inCNTRE Plugfest Feb 19-21. The Indiana Center for Network Translational Research and Education (InCNTRE) at Indiana University selected the generally available Big Network Controller for this first test with equipment from SDN switch vendors Dell, Extreme Networks, HP, IBM and NEC as well as SDN testing manufacturers Ixia and Spirent.

"OpenFlow is a rich protocol that abstracts away small differences between network devices while still allowing vendors to highlight their unique capabilities,"  said Rob Sherwood, CTO of controller technologies at Big Switch Networks. “This is why interoperability events like InCentre's plugfest are so important – because they help ensure that OpenFlow's fundamental tension between uniformity and competitive advantage does not impact compatibility between switches and controllers."

“Big Switch Networks’ recent open SDN product launch is garnering a great deal of industry attention, and our members are expressing interest in testing their switches with the new commercial controller,” said Steve Wallace, acting InCNTRE executive director. “We anticipate this event being the first of many highlighting our members’ technology.”

InCNTRE is playing a key role in encouraging the development and adoption of standards-based SDN technologies such as OpenFlow and its SDN Interoperability Lab is the world's only neutral, third party SDN testing facility.