Contribution includes code from wildly popular Floodlight controller project and significant elements of Big Switch Networks Open SDN Suite

Last week, Big Switch Networks’ proposed controller code contribution to the OpenDaylight Project was added as a bootstrap project under the name “Open SDN Controller Platform” (OpenDaylight Project wiki). This is an important first step in the merit-based selection process that will ultimately determine the core OpenDaylight open source code.

Big Switch is a major supporter of open source software and as such, we contributed substantial portions of our Open SDN Suite to the OpenDaylight Project, including our SDN controller, advanced data store with high availability, distributed virtual routing service applications, network virtualization, network overlays, and other applications. 

Project Floodlight

Our Floodlight controller is currently the world’s most popular open source SDN and OpenFlow controller, with a large and active ecosystem of thousands of users and developers, and contributions from around the world across many industries (see previous Floodlight announcement).

We are extremely proud to be contributing our mature code and the key learnings that we’ve gained through real-world, global commercial and academic deployments over the last two years, and we are highly dedicated to OpenDaylight’s goal of a meritocratic process that ultimately will deliver the absolute best solutions to customers and users worldwide.

The process has multiple phases before final acceptance of a core project, but as they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Jason Matlof, VP of Marketing