Open for business This spring, we announced an aggressive plan to add open-source thin switching to our Open SDN product suite. We said we would extend and package the Indigo project commercially to enable a thin-switching platform for OpenFlow networks. We said we would open-source the latest innovations to Indigo Virtual Switch (IVS), which we deliver commercially as Switch Light for Linux. Along the way, we hinted at the speedy progress we’ve been making. We also showed a demo at the Open Networking Summit that was described as "fluff free"

And today, we are very happy to be delivering against our plan by announcing the opening of the Switch Light for Broadcom beta program. The source repos for Indigo Virtual Switch, with our latest innovations, are also open and public. You can get the source here:

You can always get the latest on our open-source initiatives at Project Floodlight. And if you want to apply for the beta program, please fill out the application here:

If you don’t have the time or gear to participate in the beta, immediate access to the IVS is available now in the GitHub repos. The Indigo project is the basis of both Switch Light for Linux and Switch Light for Broadcom, so you can start running if you just can't wait. If you’re the patient sort, Switch Light will be a free download when we reach general availability.

Thanks for continuing to make Floodlight and Big Switch the only source for a 100% open source full SDN stack. We made a commitment to the community and we delivered. Project Floodlight is the only place where users can get a complete SDN stack: switch firmware, an Open SDN controller, and SDN applications. 

Switch Light frees customers from proprietary architectures and dramatically reduces network-operating costs through centralized provisioning and automation. The source is available already, and the beta applications are open now. We doubt you'll see freely downloadable switch firmware from any of the networking incumbents. And we doubt that Cisco IOS will ever be open source. Trust us. (And if you like, sign up for the Switch Light beta program today:

Andrew Harding