LinkedIn top 10 LinkedIn contacted me last week to say that Big Switch Networks made it onto this year's list of Top Ten InDemand start ups, meaning that their fancy data mining of all the LinkedIn traffic showed that we were one of the top small companies potential employees were looking at – specifically engineers.  I said, “that’s great,” which of course it is, but what's really great is that I found out that Big Switch was by far the smallest company on the list. We are amongst such rare and consumer-y successful companies as DropBox, GoPro and Pinterest.  Wow, for a deeply nerdy SDN networking start up that seemed a little crazy! 

So I talked to the very, very helpful LinkedIn data guys about their findings and did some thinking and polling folks around Big Switch.  While I am still a little astounded that a small, just out of stealth-mode start up made the list, I think I get it. 

We are disrupting an industry that has not changed substantially in 20+ years. We are fighting a very noble battle to drive an open architecture in an industry that has been closed and proprietary for 25 years. We are driving increases in the velocity of innovation. We are challenging old paradigms and have found ways to solve really difficult, complex networking problems that genuinely make peoples’ lives easier – well network managers’ lives anyway.  That’s exciting stuff, and in an area like Silicon Valley where there are so many very smart and driven people, it's not that surprising a lot of people would want in on all that and want to work here.

So, thanks to LinkedIn for shining its data light on this exciting grass roots interest in what we're doing. If you’re one of those interested in working for Big Switch, please visit our careers page.  We are looking for the best and brightest and maybe that’s you!

Read more at the LinkedIn Blog.

Ellen Roeckl - Director of Corporate Relations