On behalf of the team here at Big Switch, we wanted to post a thank you to the delegates of Networking Field Day 8 who spent a day over at our offices.  It was a lot of fun and a real highlight for us to host the event in our office – our team loved both the on-camera and off-camera sessions.

For readers unfamiliar with Networking Field Day events, picture a room full of high-end networking bloggers (veteran FUD debunkers), itching to see demos and get under the hood.  These are particularly key events for companies like ours with new products to show to a very technical (and very opinionated) audience – a sort of trial by fire as this group is known for strong opinions about the products and demos they see.



For anyone who wasn’t able to catch the live stream, you can watch in its unedited entirely on the NFD site here. The @bigswitch and #NFD8 twitter conversations were just as active as the discussion in the room, with a few of our team’s favorites below:


Key videos that came out of NFD8 include CTO Rob Sherwood’s demo of Big Cloud Fabric basic set-up here, demos showing the intersection of Big Cloud Fabric and service chaining / NFV here, and Head of Product Marketing Sunit Chauhan’s demo of Big Tap here.

While most of the session was captured on video, we had both a data center tour and an impromptu product design discussion before the cameras were rolling.  With more than ten of the delegates having already tried one or both of our products in our (beta) virtual hands-on labs, the discussion around CLI and GUI design decisions was a real high point for the leads from our engineering team who filled every available seat (and then some) to pass ideas back and forth with the delegates.

At the time of this writing, the first few blog posts are starting to come out from the event, and we appreciate everyone who was able to take Big Tap and Big Cloud Fabric for a (virtual) test drive.

To all the delegates - thanks again for making this a great event for us.

- Kyle Forster, Vice President of Marketing / Co-Founder, Big Switch Networks