Guest Post - U2 Cloud 

As a cloud service provider, at U2 Cloud we are focused on leveraging cutting edge technology that enables us to deliver cutting edge solutions to consumers and businesses alike. As we built out our newest offering – the WaaS (Workspace-as-a-Service) environment – we wanted to offer a powerful and secure provisioning platform that easily allowed for user creation and access to applications, data and desktops within an organization. Basically it's your very own private Windows PC, that you can connect to from anywhere on the planet, from any device. The U2 Cloud WaaS offering allows you to run the latest versions of your favorite applications without being tied to a single PC.

At the heart of any cloud offering is the network – and ours needed to support the U2 Cloud promises:

  • Agility and Reliability – We serve a range of customers that demand elasticity of workloads, without compromising on the reliability and security they are used to with their self-managed infrastructure.  

  • Reduced Cost & Increased Productivity – We provide applications and infrastructure on demand at a cost that will benefit the organizations’ ROI

  • Customer Support & Responsiveness – We support our infrastructure 24x7.

Working with Big Switch Network’s – this is exactly what we got! The Big Cloud Fabric is a purpose-built solution that offers next-generation networking capabilities – really the first data center fabric built using open networking switches and SDN controller technology.  This architecture provides affordability through hardware / software disaggregation, simplified management and, with a controller-based SDN architecture, network agility.

BCF’s automated integration with VMware vSphere, was critical to getting up and running quickly, and to enabling us to scale on-demand. In our initial setup, we are running over 20 vCenter instances on a unified SDN fabric. This single, centralized view into all things networking, has not only helped us provision and manage our network in an easy, seamless manner but also provides us with the analytics required by our 24x7 services team.  To top it all off, the support and responsiveness of the Big Switch team has been exceptional – in Big Switch, we have a partner whose commitment to quality and responsiveness echoes our own.

Big Cloud Fabric is the perfect cornerstone to our WaaS solution – providing us the flexibility, integration with VMware and affordability.


Joe Solsona

CEO at U2 Cloud, LLC