Accelerating Next-gen Network Packet Broker Innovation

Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) has taken an amazing journey over the last few years. It’s redefined the legacy, box-based network packet broker (NPB) technology with a next-generation NPB architecture. Leveraging the modern design principles of SDN control software, scale-out fabric topology, and open networking switch HW, Big Mon has delivered unprecedented benefits of scale, simplicity and cost savings to enterprises and service providers. Big Monitoring Fabric, together with the Big Mon Service Node for advanced packet services and Big Mon Analytics, provides a complete solution for DC-wide monitoring and security. By focusing on two key solutions—Pervasive Visibility and DMZ Security—Big Mon has led the innovations curve for operational simplicity, deployment flexibility and cost efficiency for multiple use cases (see table below).

With the release of Big Mon 6.0, we’re announcing new use cases for both Pervasive Visibility and DMZ Security.

Details of Container/Cloud Monitoring and BigSecure Architecture are covered separately.


Big Mon Release 6.0

Advanced monitoring services and deep analytics have been a key requirement for customers.   160G Service Node: In addition to the existing 40G Service Node, Release 6.0 will also deliver a 160G bandwidth service node—the highest performance service node available. Network teams can cluster multiple service nodes to achieve 1Tb+ performance.  With this breakthrough performance, network teams are able to apply packet modification services to every data center flow, all the time.  Big Mon Service Node is also a key component of the BigSecure Architecture for protecting the DMZ with dynamic, Terabit-scale cyber-defense.

New Packet Modification Services:  Big Mon Service Node already supports critical packet modification services, such as de-duplication, packet slicing and regex/DPI filtering. Release 6.0 adds NetFlow Generation (demo), header decapsulation and packet masking.  Any combination of services can be applied on the Service Node and multiple service nodes can be deployed in a service chain, thus providing complete deployment flexibility.

  • Analytics 2.0: Big Mon Analytics offers a major wow factor, providing deep visibility and telemetry to production network traffic. Release 6.0 now provides advanced analytics (demo):
  • Capacity Planning dashboards for Big Mon Fabric
  • Security dashboards (Top Users/flows, Rogue DNS/DHCP, etc.)
  • Performance dashboards (Interface stats, policy stats, etc.)
  • Host dashboards (new Hosts, Fingerprinted Host-OS) 

With built-in triggers and alerts, users can simplify their day-to-day operations challenges with sophisticated visualization and configurable dashboards. 

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Prashant Gandhi

VP and Chief Product Officer