2016 was a remarkable year for Big Switch. It was a year of growth, many new customer logos, an expanding geographical footprint, many new faces at the company and exciting industry accolades. The team worked tirelessly to put the customer first and pushed the boundaries of innovation further than we have before. Most importantly, we continued to foster a culture and workplace built on a foundation of our customer success, respect, kindness and awesomeness.

Just as it was when the company was founded by Guido and Kyle back in 2010, Big Switch is about bold ideas and disrupting the status quo. We believe that a Next-Generation Network is required for data center transformation -- to be able to fully unlock the power and promise of the Software Defined Data Center. We believe the complexity of today’s box-by-box network is the major barrier to rapid application deployment and dynamic cyber-security delivery, and that it hampers business velocity and drives up operational costs. A Next-Generation Data Center Network is intelligent, agile, flexible and secure and we build them every day for our customers around the world.

This was a special year for Big Switch as the company continued to navigate, and in many respects, lead a metamorphosis that is redefining networking. It is clear that the Data Centers of today and during the next five years will look very different than those built during the last decade. With the massive shift to the cloud, OpenStack, Containerization, AI, and IoT, the world is dramatically different than when the Cat6Ks came off the line in the 1990s. Additionally, security and the changing threat landscape is top of mind for every CIO and CEO.

Some notable highlights this year:

From Big Switch’s inception, innovation velocity has been a core principle. We strive to deliver differentiated solutions and features to meet the requirements of our customers around the world. I say unequivocally that this is the most talented group of people that I have ever worked with. In 2016, our amazing team delivered more than 125 new features across 9 releases -- on average one feature-pack release per product line, per quarter.  Network automation, zero-touch operations, deep telemetry, scale-out deployments and proven TCO have won many “ahas” and “wows” with our customers.  

It is clear that we have reached another milestone on our journey. Our business more than doubled YoY in 2016 and our software subscriptions grew by almost 300%, with more than a dozen customers now at $1MM+ in cumulative bookings - which is remarkable for a software only start-up. I am so grateful to the customers who put their trust in us. I proudly refer to our customer logo slide as the ‘NASCAR slide’ as there are so many impressive logos from leading companies around the world.

Now it's on to the NEXT PLAY: 2017. In the new year we expect to continue to rapidly grow customer count,  expand into new geos, grow headcount, advance our thought leadership, and deliver remarkable innovations.  Just wait ‘till you see what we have up our sleeves...

Thank you for the continued trust and support. On to 2017!


Douglas Murray, CEO