What role(s) are currently open on your team and where are they based?

Federal Regional Sales Manager roles for Federal - Civilian as well as Federal - DOD, providing sales support and direct customer engagement. Candidates should have a strong understanding of data center switching, SDN, NFV, cloud computing, SDDC, virtualization and the migration from legacy architectures into next-gen environments. The US government is a global entity, so the location of the individual is not as important as the skill, experience and your results. You will be expected to travel, but you will also be expected to leverage social media and digital communications to provide maximum coverage.

Why should a prospective employee consider Big Switch if she/he is looking for a new opportunity? What makes the company unique?

The US Government's Cloud-First initiative is driving agencies within the federal and defense sectors to re-evaluate their IT strategy around public and hybrid cloud environments. Big Switch is helping government accelerate data center consolidation and modernization goals by embracing software-defined networking and cyber security monitoring, we’re teaching them how, not why. Agencies need cost-effective capability, especially in a budget constrained environment. Software is eating everything. Automation is the enabler. Big Switch is a software company, we use Open Networking, merchant silicon to automate hybrid cloud environments. We also have a great culture at Big Switch where every voice is heard, people are treated respectfully and everyone contributes.

What kind of traction are we seeing in Fed / Defense vertical?

It’s huge! Attention to software-defined functionality is resounding at the highest levels of government. Leadership recognizes it’s no longer a matter of “why should government move to SDN, software-defined visibility or software-enabled security fabrics,” it’s a matter of how and how fast. The Federal Systems Integrator community, acting as change agents and trusted advisors, are rapidly developing software-defined strategies. Big Switch’s cloud and visibility fabrics are helping government modernize faster and cost effectively, it’s a new era.

Why would this be an exciting time for someone to join this part of our sales dept

As a sales professional we’re not always afforded the opportunity to make a difference. At Big Switch, our contributions are valued, our integrity is respected and the sales community acts as a team. We’re an integral part of the Big Switch ecosystem. We provide a disruptive capability to the Tier-1 market of switching and visibility. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a game changing company… Wear a seat belt!

What do you think the biggest challenge(s) for a prospective employee stepping into the sales at Big Switch might be?

Your biggest challenge upon joining Big Switch will be keeping up with the pace. We move fast, we’re highly motivated and very effective, we run hard and we play hard.

Who would do well at Big Switch? What sort of disposition and experience do you think would make someone successful in this role?

The skillsets we are looking for are highly motivated people, who want to succeed, can act on their own, who know how to build a top of funnel pipeline, a sales and execution plan and deliver results.

Parting shot(s) for prospective candidates?

Not everyone get’s a second chance… I built the Federal business from scratch at my last company. This is my second opportunity to work for a high-growth startup, with great leadership, in a rapidly developing and disruptive market which hasn’t changed in 20 years. Join our Network, make the Switch and go Big!


If this sounds like the place you want to be, we want to hear from you. You can connect with Mike directly on LinkedIn or send cover letter / resume to careers@bigswitch.com or review / apply for open roles at: http://bigswitch.theresumator.com/