Big Switch Networks and Dell EMC Open Networking are excited to host a special pre-VMworld briefing for Expert/Elect community members about the combined Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) and Dell EMC Open Networking solutions, which enable agile networking at the speed of virtualization.

The network layer has traditionally been the least agile part of data center infrastructure to design, configure and operate, especially when compared to compute infrastructure. Today’s status quo of managing networks via a time consuming and brittle switch-by-switch operational paradigm using a complex command line interface (CLI) approach, holds back organizations from achieving the full potential of the VMware SDDC since the networking silo of the datacenter cannot keep pace with the speed of innovation demanded by the business.

Big Cloud Fabric enables intent-based networking through a SDN fabric that is purpose-built to support SDDC and cloud-native environments. When coupled with Dell EMC Open Networking switches, the next generation networking solution delivers significant CapEx savings, as well as an order of magnitude reduction in complexity and increased networking management efficiency.  **ACG Research completed an analysis comparing the deployment of BCF software running on Dell Open Networking hardware to the most commonly encountered traditional networking alternative in data center networking, and concluded that CapEx and OpEx benefits BCF fabric are immediate and ongoing. Key findings included:

  • BCF accelerates new application speed of deployment by 75%
  • BCF is 12x more efficient in diagnosing and troubleshooting network issues
  • BCF lowers overall cost of operations -- both CapEx and OpEx -- by over 50%
  • Using BCF in the VMware cloud also brings definitive opex benefits including:
    • Dramatically simplified software upgrade procedures

    • Supporting more seamless diagnostics because of the tight integration of the network underlay and the virtualized network overlay configurations

For vExperts and Dell EMC /Elect community members focused on NSX and VSAN or for those who simply want to learn more about BCF + Dell EMC Open Networking solutions, we invite you to join a one hour technical briefing on Thursday, August 17th at 9:00am PDT that will dive into the joint solutions from Big Switch and Dell EMC Open Networking as they relate to VMware environments.

Participants in this briefing:

  • Prashant Gandhi (Chief Product Officer, Big Switch Networks)

  • Gary Greenberg (Senior Principal Consulting Architect - Cloud Software Solutions, Dell EMC)

  • Ram Haridasa (Networking Solutions Architect, Dell EMC)


Register for this VIP briefing to learn why Big Cloud Fabric is the networking “easy button” for any VMware workload. To Register:  


Gregg Holzrichter
CMO, Big Switch Networks


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**The VMware POD in ACG Research analysis comprises 16 racks, each one 42 rack units (RUs) in height, each housing 40 1 RU servers. The POD is thus a 640 server POD. This is a common size for a fully configured data center POD, though sizes vary by site and organization. Both the BCF and the PMO solutions are deployed in the POD with two 1 RU leaf (or top of rack) switches per rack, allowing each server a redundant connection to the underlying network. Each leaf switch contains 48 10GbE server-facing ports and 6 40 GbE spine (or core) facing ports. Each leaf switch is connected to multiple spines to ensure availability and performance. Spines are connected only to 3 leaves, performing the function of an interconnect fabric as one would find in a conventional networking node. This configuration can be viewed as a leaf-spine CLOS, conveying the notion of a flat, high- performance fabric for the cloud. Connections to other domains (such as data center core or wide-area domains) is performed by leafs in this configuration assigned to connecting at those boundaries.