While we create a great deal of content that quantifies (via analyst research) the benefits we believe you will experience by using our products, it is also important for prospective customers to hear from our current customers -- the people who are using our technology every day, and who share feedback such as: 

  • “Our organization has experienced a mindset change…”
  • “We would recommend BCF because of the principles the solution was built on.”
  • “Big Mon has been a lifesaver…”
  • “BCF is a game changer…”

When we talk about being the Next-Generation Data Center networking company, this is what we are talking about, and this is why it is our mission to disrupt the status quo of networking. We know this change will not happen overnight in the networking industry, but the shift is well underway. We have hundreds of customers already enjoying the benefits of next-gen networking. Don’t take it from us, take it from them.

Over the past few months, we surveyed our customers using the third party research platform TechValidate. In total, we had 99 customers participate, answering up to 10 questions across seven surveys that related to the product being used and / or use cases. Not every customer answered each question in the survey they were responding to. Customers answered what was applicable, or what they were able to answer.  

While this isn’t a comprehensive overview of the results, we wanted to share a snapshot of what we learned from our customers and their experiences with our products. Some of the most quantifiable benefits were around: improved network agility, automation, scalability, visibility, security, as well as CAPEX and OPEX.


Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) Findings

CAPEX, ease-of-use and scalability were the leading factors that led to customers choosing to deploy Big Mon over other vendors:

When comparing Big Mon to the solution it replaced, customers rated it as best-in-class, significantly better, in the following categories:

When asked what impact Big Mon has had, an IT Architect at a Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense organization stated:

  • “With our previous monitoring solution, there were significant cost-benefit trade-offs that, for the most part, resulted in substandard, manually intense visibility that often did not operate as the design intended. Big Switch Networks has made network visibility accessible in all of the environments that we need regardless of large or small scale.”

When asked if it would recommend Big Mon, an IT Manager at a Higher Education Institution stated:

  • “Yes, it’s been a great investment. With Big Mon, we were able to get the port density and the capability we needed with half the capital investment, compared to the ‘leading’ NPB vendor. We’ve met all our objectives with room for growth.”


Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) Findings

Automation, ease-of-use, and scalability were the leading factors that led customers to choose BCF over other vendors. Interestingly, OPEX/CAPEX were not the leading drivers for deploying BCF over another vendor.  

When comparing BCF to the solution it replaced, customers rated it as best-in-class, significantly better, better, or worse in the following categories:

Nearly half of BCF customers reported that the average time saved for standard network operations is 76-100%, compared to data center network solution(s) it replaced.

After replacing Cisco and Brocade technologies with BCF, when asked what impact BCF has had on its organization, a Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company stated:

  • Improved performance at a reduced cost.” 

100% of respondents cite cloud, container, and SDDC integration as one of the most important factors in the decision to deploy BCF over another vendor.

  • “If you have a vSAN cluster, BCF is the best choice for network management. It has opened the network ‘black box’ for our vSAN admins.” — IT Manager at a Broadcast & TV Network

  • BCF is a game changer for us – we are heavily invested in container technology and the CNI integration is a key differentiator for our business.” — IT Director, Electric Vehicle & Autonomous Driving Company.

To see these and other results from our surveys, head over to TechValidate: Research Library - Big Switch Networks.

If you would like to learn more about our products and how you can experience the same benefits our customers have, check out BSN Labs, our hands-on demo environment in the cloud that enables those interested with the opportunity to experience the technical differentiation, management CLI and intuitive GUI of BCF and Big Mon. To register (it’s free!)  http://bit.ly/224lUEL