While our customers have validated that Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) is the best automated (underlay) fabric for VMware SDDC use cases, including vSphere, NSX-v/NSX-T, vSAN, VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), it’s exhilarating to witness BCF being awarded the Best of Networking honor at VMWorld 2019.


Why Big Switch Won Best of VMWorld, Networking 


What is unique about the Big Cloud Fabric architecture?

Let’s face it – many of the networking innovations in the last 10-15 years have been driven by cloud providers, which is why BCF is uniquely architected with principles of public cloud networking, thus bringing the cloud experience and TCO to any IT organization. This “AWS networking on-prem” approach is in contrast to proprietary, box-by-box networking that has lacked innovation, is extremely complex, lacks visibility and is very hard to troubleshoot.



Specifically, by treating network as a software object – through VPC/VNet construct – the on-prem network can be made to operate like public cloud. With VPC on-prem or “Enterprise VPC” (E-VPC) networking rules are expressed as logical constructs, eliminating the traditional hardwiring with the boxes and ASICs, which is the source of unending complexity.


We believe that designing networks with cloud principles – whether on-prem, edge locations and/or multi-cloud – is the best path to a hybrid multi-cloud world.  

Benefits to Virtualization/Cloud Teams:

In a nutshell, BCF’s integration with the VMware SDDC ensures that the underlay network gets out of the way of virtualization and cloud teams. Specifically:

  • Server team can add/remove ESXi hosts at will. BCF automatically configures MLAG with top-of-rack (leaf) switches. No network team intervention is required.

  • Virtualization/Cloud team can add/remove VMs at will. BCF automatically configures underlay networking for instantaneous application connectivity. No network team intervention is required.

  • DevOps team gets its own E-VPCs, with role-based access control. Since the E-VPC abstracts the underlying hardware infrastructure, the E-VPC is unimpacted even when a host moves from one rack to another, or connects to a different port on the top-of-rack switch.

In other words, the BCF ensures that the underlay network operates at the speed of SDDC VMs. 


BCF Controller


Benefits to the Networking Team:

Networking teams are attracted to Big Cloud Fabric because of its intent-driven operational simplicity, speed of change management, and deep visibility & analytics. Specifically:

  • Network becomes strategic at the CIO level, as it brings cloud-on-prem innovations, rapid service enablement and dramatic cost reduction. 

  • Smaller networking teams are able to stand-up (Day0) and manage (Day1/Day2) larger network infrastructure while getting back nights and weekends.

  • Collaborate closely with virtualization and DevOps/CloudOps teams

  • Rapidly resolve “app versus network” issues.

  • Get real-time and contextual visibility to network automation with built-in “trust but verify” principle.


Zero Touch


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Prashant Gandhi
Chief Product Officer

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