A personal note from our CEO, Doug Murray:

When I became CEO of Big Switch in 2013, one of the first lessons I learned was, “setting the tone for culture starts at the top, and as CEO, my number one job is to serve as the steward of Big Switch’s corporate culture.”

In the early days of the company, I would regularly ask members of Team BSN, “You’re getting in an elevator and someone sees the Big Switch logo on your shirt. They ask you what it’s like to work at Big Switch. How do you respond?” There were many answers, but the common theme was simple, relative to what our employees aspirationally wanted to see. “What it’s like to work at Big Switch? It’s Awesome.” And thus, our Big Culture: Be, Do, Share Awesome was born.

Our Bug Culture

Be, Do, Share Awesome is not simply about words that we put up on our walls or on a t-shirt. It’s the contract relative to how we treat each other. It’s about transparency. It’s about pride of craftsmanship, and putting the customer first, but it’s also about putting our people first. It’s about building a company that achieves greatness as a collective group. And it’s about ensuring every member of Team BSN, whether an intern or executive, feels like she or he not only belongs, but has a voice.

Be, Do, Share Awesome is about diversity in every sense of the word. It’s about a workplace where people feel safe and respected. Where everyone is welcome. It’s about celebrating our differences and learning from one another, embracing each individual’s personal cultures, values and beliefs and imbibing them into our Big Culture. This looks like celebrating Diwali, Chinese New Year, Pride Month, International Women’s Day, and Veteran’s Day to name a few.  While I am proud of the progress we have made on our goal of building an incredibly diverse organization, I also recognize we still have work to do.

Be, Do, Share Awesome is equally about giving back where and when we can. For us, this looks like building a world-class internship program, so that our team of rockstars can mentor and teach our next generation of rockstars. It also, means supporting local and national organizations through our Big Community program, which includes volunteer work, donation drives and financial contributions. 

Big Switch is a group of individuals with different ideas, backgrounds, cultures and dreams, all committed to and striving towards the same mission: to bring Cloud-First Networking to the world. I appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit more about Big Switch and what I believe makes the company so special, and I hope that you'll consider joining us on our mission.

Doug Murray
CEO, Big Switch