Company Mission

Cloud-First Networking (CFN) introduces a reimagined networking architecture for hybrid IT, centered on agile, cloud-style VPC networking best practices, to deliver consistent networking, analytics and machine learning for both public and private cloud infrastructures.

From its inception, innovation velocity has been a pillar of Big Switch’s ethos. We consistently deliver differentiated solutions and features to meet the requirements of the most agile and innovative customers around the globe. CFN is Big Switch’s answer to enterprise digital transformation, removing all networking constraints and delivering the freedom to develop and host applications anywhere.

Traditionally, the network has been a barrier to data center transformation, because legacy networking architectures hinder IT organizations with brittle, complex and cumbersome switch-by-switch management paradigms, and inflexible, proprietary hardware choices that are unable to keep up with the pace required of businesses today.

CFN enables a seamless IT experience for hybrid clouds, where applications running in private and public clouds are managed consistently. CFN delivers a responsive, automated, programmable, and consistent fabric-based network experience. CFN does away with more than 20 years of legacy, black box network complexities, where every device is managed individually, where only networking guru’s can make changes, with inflexible and very brittle runbook-like automation scripts.

The data center is no longer infrastructure-centric, but rather a fast moving, fast growing distributed-application environment. Cloud re-defines the data center by offering choices on where to best host the applications, whether internally, or externally based upon the company’s business needs.

By harnessing the power of software-defined networking technology coupled with industry standard hardware, Big Switch Networks advances true Cloud-First Networking with an agile, flexible, intelligent and secure solution, so enterprises can experience true business competitiveness.

Company Background

Big Switch Networks was founded in 2010, with roots in the original Stanford research team that invented software-defined networking (SDN), and the company is widely considered one of the original pioneers of the technology. In 2013 the company made available its first commercial product, Big Monitoring Fabric™ for network visibility and security and in 2014 the company released Big Cloud Fabric™, a data center switching fabric that brings the simplicity of public cloud to on-prem data center networks. SDN has matured into several well-defined use cases, including Service Provider NFV, Data Center networking, Container networking and next-generation network packet broker monitoring for pervasive visibility and analytics.

Data center networking and network monitoring are Big Switch’s core product areas and include open API’s that facilitate integration at a systems level with industry leading platforms, including: Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, VMware NSX, VMware VSAN, Nutanix HCI, Dell EMC ScaleIo, as well as Microsoft Azure, AWS VPC, and Google Cloud Computing.

Douglas Murray CEO
Big Switch Networks

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