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STT Connect

Creates a Distinctive Web-Scale Cloud Offering with Software-Defined Technology

When we set out to build our private cloud business, we outlined three customer-focused tenets to abide by. One, the foundation must be secure. Two, it must be managed in an automated way. And three, of course, it needed to be high performing today and tomorrow.

- David Robinson
Chief Technology Officer of STT Connect

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How NRI Developed Network Infrastructure that Reduced Costs and Supports Future Growth

Networks must have a consistent design, as a single incorrectly integrated unit can play havoc with the routing. In a traditional network, you have to confgure each and every network device to meet the required consistency through a command line interface.

- Mr. Isao Eguchi
Senior Systems Engineer at Nomura Research Institute (NRI)

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F20 Energy & Petroleum Company

How a Fortune 20 Energy & Petroleum Company Protects its Next-Gen Extranet with a Software-Defined Security Fabric

It was crucial to be able to add new tools on the fly without having to recable all of our network. With the old extranet, when we wanted to remove or add a tool we had to schedule an outage, work within a change window and cable everything around the device.

- Team Lead
Field Telecom Services, Western U.S.

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Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality Drives CapEx Savings and Operational Simplicity

Dubai Municipality selected Big Switch Networks for this project because the company offered the most innovative solution for our specific needs, and radically decreased our costs and offered network automation. Big Cloud Fabric provided us significant and ongoing advantages that we did not previously experience and would not have experienced with the other solutions we reviewed.

- Mr. Ahmed Kajoor
head of IT infrastructure at Dubai Municipality

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DeNA Increases IT Agility by Breaking Down Network and Server Silos with OpenStack and Big Cloud Fabric

The value provided by BCF is twofold: it does things that were not possible using legacy networking solutions, for example, OpenStack networks are automatically reflected to the physical network and we can continue to troubleshoot using familiar networking techniques. Using BCF also enabled us to improve our operational efficiency.

- Atsushi Ono
General Manager of IT Platform Department, Systems Management Unit at DeNA

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U2 Cloud

U2Cloud: One Seamless Solution Supports It All - Dell & Big Switch Networks

We now know that we’ll get X performance out of X configuration for X number of users. Managing infrastructure and services from a single pane of glass, [with Big Cloud Fabric] also saves us time so we can focus on innovation rather than remedial tasks.

- Pete Valentine
Executive Vice President, U2 Cloud

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Intuit Enables Pervasive Monitoring and Security Across Multiple Data Centers

We wanted more points of input than our traditional NPB could handle economically, so we decided to go with a white box solution and Big Monitoring Fabric from Big Switch Networks to gather packets and forward them to the tools as needed...We are using SDN first in our monitoring space, and evaluating where we want to go next.

- Ted Turner
Senior Network Engineer, Intuit

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U2 Cloud

U2 Cloud – Delivering World Class Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS): VMware Pod using Dell-ON Switches

With our software-defined storage and networking from Dell, Nexenta and Big Switch Networks, we can provision environments in minutes.

- Pete Valentine
Executive Vice President, U2 Cloud

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CleanSafeCloud – Delivering Secure, Clean Cloud Services with BCF: OpenStack Object Storage on BCF

Being able to take advantage of CapEx savings that result from foregoing yesteryear’s legacy networking infrastructure is important. Equally important is agility. Smaller infrastructure teams often have to move nimbly, not being able to afford departments full of experts to get things going ... Setting up [BCF] was nothing short of amazing. Once the cabling is done, it’s literally ‘write down MAC address, switch on, grab a cup of coffee and wait for the magic to happen’. In well under two hours, we had a hyperscale grade ultra- performant cloud fabric up and running. Zero-touch networking is a reality.

- Christian Sarrasin
CEO, CleanSafeCloud

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