Looking for hands-on experience with SDN?

Get on-demand access to next-generation switching and monitoring fabrics via complementary labs and your very own sandbox.

Gain immediate access to self-paced lab modules covering the fundamental operations of Big Cloud Fabric and Big Monitoring Fabric. The labs allow you to test your own ideas, safely, in a sandbox environment. 

Big Monitoring Fabric modules cover basic workflows for managing out-of-band monitoring and inline service chaining fabrics, as well as advanced packet services. With Big Cloud Fabric modules, you will learn how a centrally-managed network fabric integrates with VMware, Open Stack distributions (Red Hat, Mirantis) and orchestration systems to automate network provisioning.

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Big Monitoring Fabric


  • Explore the key capabilities of Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF) out-of-band, Big Switch Network’s modern network visibility fabric of white-box/brite-box Ethernet switches
  • Learn how to selectively deliver relevant production traffic, from anywhere in you network, to anywhere in your tool farm


Big Monitoring Fabric Inline allows inline tools to be shared across multiple security chains. With BMF Inline switches sitting between your production switches and routers, you can add and remove tools from the inline tool chain programmatically, without altering your production devices.

  • In the Big Monitoring Fabric Inline module learn how to use the same white-box/brite-box Ethernet switches to efficiently deploy inline services in a DMZ/Extranet environment


Big Switch Network’s Managed Service Node appliance seamlessly integrates advanced packet services into Big Monitoring Fabric.

  • In the Managed Service Node module, create and apply popular services, such as packet deduplication and slicing, using the Intel DPDK® based appliance

Big Cloud Fabric

  • Learn the concepts behind Big Cloud Fabric’s (BCF) architecture and application centric design
  • Set up a multi-tenant data center network along with access policies
  • Experience both physical fabric management and tenant provisioning via the centralized BCF controller
  • Throughout the lab exercises you will be exposed to the unique visibility and troubleshooting capabilities of a centrally-managed fabric

  • Experience the seamless integration of VMware vCenter and Big Cloud Fabric
  • Provision virtual distributed switches and port groups in the vSphere Web Client, and observe the automated provisioning of the network workloads in the physical fabric
  • Learn about the routing and visibility features available via the BCF vCenter plugin

  • Get hands-on experience with the seamless integration of OpenStack and Big Cloud Fabric (P+V Edition)
  • Provision OpenStack projects and networks in Horizon and observe how Big Cloud Fabric automatically provisions the entire physical + virtual fabric of switches
  • Explore the latest OpenStack Horizon Big Switch enhancements and take advantage of the integration labs to expand your knowledge in the areas of virtualization and cloud orchestration.