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Data Centers have changed. Applications can live anywhere without the boundary constraints of the last several decades. Networks and security technologies are having to change as well. Security and Network operation teams are having to step up to this new borderless data center world or run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Monitoring is the core technology for pervasive visibility and security. Every security tool, should have access to the traffic data, irrespective of the location, type of workload, or network interface speed. Second generation highly customized Network Packet Broker (NPB) solutions, with location boundaries, and proprietary hardware, must give way to open networking, software defined network intelligence, and commodity hardware.

Welcome to the next
generation of software-defined
network packet brokers.

What is Big Monitoring Fabric?

Big Monitoring Fabric™ (Big Mon) is the third-generation network packet broker, delivering pervasive network visibility and DMZ security at scale. Network operators can now see fast and act fast to defend the network and ensure high-performance delivery of services and applications.



Provision, manage, troubleshoot, program



Any rack, any location, any speed, elastic infrastructure



Reduce TCO, OpEx, CapEx


Big Monitoring Fabric Inline Explained

Securing and scaling your network against security threats is expensive. Getting the most value from your security tools should be done cost-effectively. Network and security teams are tasked with designing and maintaining a high-performance, resilient, and always-on, always-available network, yet being secured against intrusions and other security compromises.

Only a software-driven, open ecosystem can deliver the significant price vs. performance benefits – 60%+ CapEx savings over traditional, appliance-based NPB’s.

When choosing Big Switch Big Monitoring Fabric, the results are quite clear: improved network visibility and security, superior scalability, and cost-efficiencies.

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