Big Switch Networks to Preview New Platform in Interop’s InteropNet OpenFlow Lab

LAS VEGAS, NV and PALO ALTO, CA – May 9, 2011 - Big Switch Networks, a new company building a platform to bring the benefits of virtualization and cloud architecture to enterprise networks, today announced that it will preview its new OpenFlow-based virtualization technology this week in Interop’s InteropNet OpenFlow Lab.

Big Switch Networks is building an OpenFlow-based platform for virtualizing networks in the enterprise data center and campus LAN. The platform makes it possible for an enterprise to overlay virtual networks on top of their physical devices, operating each of these networks like one big switch. The platform and OpenFlow-enabled applications will be shown working with a range of both physical and hypervisor-based edge switches in the InteropNet OpenFlow Lab.

“We’re excited to be part of the OpenFlow coming-out party at Interop this year,” said Kyle Forster, Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing at Big Switch Networks. “The range of switches and software applications involved in the interoperability demos are going to show the breadth of industry commitment to OpenFlow.”

The OpenFlow standard, backed by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others, enables networks to evolve more rapidly by giving owners and operators better control over their networks and the ability to program network behavior. For the first time, Interop, which has helped commercialize key IP technologies and standards, is featuring an InteropNet OpenFlow Lab to educate attendees on the principles, functions and features of OpenFlow and to demonstrate OpenFlow in different scenarios.

Big Switch Networks will participate in four demos this year, led by different members of the OpenFlow ecosystem, each showing a unique combination of OpenFlow-enabled software applications and hardware products. Big Switch Networks will also be teaching a series of OpenFlow tutorial sessions jointly with the InteropNet OpenFlow Lab.

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