Big Switch Networks and A10 Networks Collaborate to Deliver Application Agility and Cyberattack Protection with Modern SDN Fabrics

Joint solutions emphasize operational simplicity, cost, scalability, agility, and security to meet demands of modern applications 

Santa Clara, CA––March 16, 2015––Big Switch Networks®, the leader in bringing hyperscale networking to data centers worldwide, today announced joint solutions with A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a technology leader in application networking. Their collaboration enables application-aware solutions for data centers, while ensuring rapid change velocity, operational simplicity, and reduction in total cost of ownership. The A10 Networks Thunder ADC Application Delivery Controllers can now be deployed with Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric™ (BCF) to create an efficient data center fabric solution that enables users to easily deploy applications on cost-optimized pods inserted seamlessly into existing data centers. Additionally, the A10 Networks Thunder TPS Threat Protection System can be leveraged with Big Tap™ Monitoring Fabric for efficient and scalable Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection across the entire data center. 

“We worked closely with A10 to seamlessly integrate with their Thunder Application Delivery Controller and Thunder Threat Protection System,” said Prashant Gandhi, VP Product Management and Strategy at Big Switch. “These two solutions address the major trends we’re seeing in 2015: the popularity of SDN, the demand of data centers to handle bigger workloads, faster, with better efficiency; plus the increasing pressure to get a handle on security threats in the data center.” 

Big Cloud Fabric and the A10 Thunder ADC Application Delivery Controller Solution

This joint solution leverages the benefits of deploying Big Switch's SDN-powered, cost-optimized Big Cloud Fabric with the A10 Thunder ADC to achieve operational simplicity, resilience, and agility for large-scale applications. The solution significantly lowers CapEx by leveraging low-cost, high-speed open networking switches.

“The combined solution of the A10 Thunder ADC and Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric provides the agility and scalability needed to meet the demanding needs of today’s applications, cost-effectively,” said Paul Nicholson, Director of Product Marketing at A10 Networks. “We’ve optimized the solution to enable quick deployment of new applications and manage existing applications. We are delivering automated and scalable infrastructure, consistent on-demand services in a shared, multi-tenant environment.”

The SDN-powered solution enables users to also realize significant OpEx savings by providing operational benefits through automation in configuration, L4-L7 tenant services provisioning, simplified troubleshooting, and efficient upgrades. Customers can realize the unique benefits offered by the A10 Thunder ADC with its high-performance, comprehensive L4-L7 capabilities in combination with the Big Cloud Fabric, as it enables applications to take advantage of high east-west bisectional bandwidth, secure multi-tenancy to achieve rapid application deployment, and application elasticity to adapt to real-time scale and performance requirements.

The A10 Thunder TPS Threat Protection System with Big Tap Monitoring Fabric

The power of the A10 Thunder TPS Threat Protection System can be leveraged with the SDN-based Big Tap Monitoring Fabric, to enable rapid “mean time to mitigation” of data center-wide cyber threats. For monitoring DDoS attacks and security breaches to data center-wide traffic (including east-west traffic), the joint solution brings increased efficiency and scale while reducing total cost of ownership.

“With increased cyber-security concerns growing over the last few years, such as DDoS attacks, organizations are now even more focused on monitoring their entire data center infrastructure for security attacks and breaches. It is clear that ubiquitous and scalable tapping/mirroring of the networks, enabled by Big Tap Monitoring Fabric, is increasingly important to provide key data for security and network analysis. This allows policies to be dynamically enforced on advanced security systems such as the A10 Thunder TPS,” said Nicholson. 

When deploying the Big Tap Monitoring Fabric, the security administrator can centralize the A10 Thunder TPS devices and connect them to the monitoring fabric, achieving the following key benefits:

  • Advanced Data Center-Wide threat protection – any tap traffic can be directed to any Thunder TPS device at any time, truly enabling the Thunder TPS platform to access any data center flow and detect DDoS attacks at a very high rate (10 to 155 Gbps, up to 1.2 Tbps in a cluster). With the ability to tunnel monitoring traffic through Big Tap, this capability is being extended to every data center, colo facility, and remote location across the enterprise.
  • Operational agility with centralized programmability – monitored traffic is fully visible and can be steered from a centralized management pane. Policies can also be changed in real time in response to a specific event trigger, such as an ongoing attack.

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