Modern Network Architecture Enabled by White Box Fabrics


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Experience SDN Solutions Firsthand

Big Switch Networks is at the forefront of the next generation of networking technologies. By combining commodity switch hardware (“white box / brite box”) with sophisticated SDN control software, the company is delivering modern networking fabrics for the world’s most advanced datacenters looking to achieve high degrees of network automation at cloud-competitive price points.

Big Switch products package technology components into Fabric Solutions, bringing Software Defined Networks advanced feature sets to you at uber competitive price points (in new business models). We are working furiously to apply these core technologies to many key networking markets - starting with data center and monitoring networks.

Product Portfolio:

Big Virtual Switch iconBig Cloud Fabric™: Leaf-Spine Clos Fabric for VMware and OpenStack Data Centers Take the Big Switch SDN Challenge - Automate your VMware or OpenStack Networks with 16x faster configuration and upgrades, 4x faster application deployment and issue resolution and troubleshooting. This ACG Report tells you how: The Economic Value of Open SDN Fabrics.


Big Monitoring Fabric product iconBig Monitoring Fabric: Simple, Scalable & Economical Monitoring for Pervasive Security.Big Mon is a specialized, ultra-low cost visibility fabric for your entire network - selectively delivering traffic to multiple security, monitoring, performance measurement and compliance tools—both Inline and Out-of-Band. Checkout how enterprises and service providers of all sizes are benefiting from this next-generation monitoring fabric - the Doyle Research Report tells you how: Pervasive Security Enabled by Next Generation Monitoring Fabric.