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Big Cloud Fabric™ is the next-generation data center switching fabric delivering operational velocity, network automation and visibility for cloud-native applications and software-defined data centers, while staying within flat IT budgets.

Enterprise data centers are challenged today to support cloud-native applications, drive business velocity and work within flat budgets.

Network layer is often cited as the least agile part of data center infrastructure, especially when compared to compute infrastructure. The advent of virtualization changed the server landscape and delivered operational efficiencies across management workflows via automation. Emerging cloud-native applications are expected to demand even greater agility from the underlying infrastructure.

Most data centers are built using old network architecture, a box-by-box operational paradigm that inhibits the pace of IT operations to meet the demand of modern applications and software-defined data centers. Click here for more information on the challenges.

Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) demands innovation in networking technology. With virtualization going mainstream, networks are required to provide visibility into virtual machines, east-west traffic across VMs, and deliver network service connectivity easily. Networks are expected to not adversely impact software-defined data center agility by mandating manual box-by-box network configuration and upgrades. Emerging cloud-native applications require rapid application and services deployment. This demands network operations to be more automated instead of relying on manual CLI and limited GUI workflows. Lastly, infrastructure budgets trends have flat-lined in most organizations. This demands an innovative approach compared to the legacy network based on proprietary hardware that increases costs.

These network demands are met by software-defined networking (SDN) solutions. Leveraging a centralized controller, the SDN networks overcome the box-by-box operational paradigm to deliver business velocity. As applications become more distributed, SDN approaches are required for networks to become agile and automated via orchestrated workflows using RESTful APIs. By leveraging open industry-standard network hardware, SDN solutions provide vendor choice and drives down costs in a flat budget environment. This cycle of innovation has been witnessed before in the server infrastructure, driven by virtualization and containers. More recently, storage infrastructure is getting transformed as well with various software-enabled architectures.

next generation data center network

So, what does an innovative next generation data center network look like?

Imagine a next generation DC network that operates at the speed of virtualization.

Imagine a network that auto configures when a new switch element is added or removed.

Imagine fabric upgrades within minutes without paying routing convergence tax.

Imagine nailing a network issue in a couple of clicks rather than hunting from box to box.

Using hyperscale-inspired networking principles, software controls and leaf/spine CLOS fabric based on open networking hardware, the next generation DC network stands to be a first class citizen in a software-defined data center of any size.

hyperscale-inspired networking principles

Big Cloud Fabric – the Next-generation Data Center Switching Solution

Big Cloud Fabric™ is the next-generation datacenter switching fabric that leverages software-defined networking (SDN) to make networks intelligent, agile and flexible.

Intelligence stems from its software-defined fabric acting as “one logical switch” that simplifies operations and provides full visibility & telemetry.

Agility is delivered via network automation for rapid deployment of applications and services, one-click troubleshooting for faster resolution, and zero touch upgrades.

Flexibility is provided by BCF’s scale-out fabric to accommodate future growth in east-west traffic without breaking the bank. Leveraging its ability to run on open hardware, BCF provides network hardware vendor choice and lowers costs.

Built using open networking (white-box or brite-box) switches and SDN controller technology, BCF is designed to deliver innovation velocity under flat budgets.

Big Cloud Fabric is relevant for use cases that involve:

Big Cloud Fabric can be easily deployed in existing (brownfield) data centers

Big Cloud Fabric can be easily deployed in existing (brownfield) data centers, as a pod fabric, and supports full communication between modern Big Cloud Fabric pod and legacy network via core router.

With virtual pod (vPod) technology, BCF can create isolated “logical pod” fabrics, each with different orchestration (VMware, OpenStack, containers) – ideal for managed private clouds, engineering (dev & test) environments.

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