Cloud-First Experience


Enterprise VPC

Cloud-style Network-as-a-Service with VPCs on-prem

Enterprise VPCs (E-VPC) make networking as simple as VPC/VNets on public clouds.

Enables Network-as-a-Service, eliminates box-by- box network complexity

VPC on-prem logical networking alleviates provisioning dependency on hardware constructs (ports, VLANs, VRFs)

Built-in multi-tenancy and delegated administration, ideal for DevOps/Cloud teams for programmatic automation

E-VPC Network Automation

Cloud-style agility, drive networks at the speed of VMs/Containers

Auto-discovery of hosts/VMs/containers provides richer endpoint visibility beyond IP/MAC address

Auto-provisioning of host-to-network MLAG eliminates tedious multi-team dependencies and delays

Auto L2/L3 fabric configuration enables instantaneous application connectivity, adapts to application elasticity

Only fabric delivering concurrent multi-EVPC automation for VMware (vSphere, NSX, vSAN), Nutanix, Dell EMC VxRail, Red Hat (OpenStack, OpenShift) and Kubernetes

Contextual Analytics

Cloud-style network insights — real-time visibility and rapid troubleshooting

Built-in analytics enable detailed fabric visibility through insightful dashboards that provide actionable intelligence

Contextual VM, container and host level visibility through integration with on-prem cloud platforms (VMware, Nutanix, Red Hat and Container)

Single-click fabric trace enables rapid root cause analysis and troubleshooting

Telemetry enabled through event-driven analytics and real-time network state