Cloud-First Infrastructure


SDN-based Fabric Controller

Cloud-style software controls for uncomplicated networking

Remove operational complexity by managing the entire fabric as one logical switch

Single Layer-3 control protocol instance for the entire fabric eliminates box-by-box protocol complexity

Integration with private cloud platforms to deliver built-in network automation and visibility

Intuitive self-service dashboard, for policy, provisioning, operations and visibility

Unmatched Resiliency

Cloud-style uptime and service assurance

Fully HA design guarantees service availability by circumventing any single point of failure

BCF’s SDN architecture ensures rapid network recovery by eliminating box-by-box protocol convergence delays

Hierarchical control plane, optimally partitioned across controller and switches delivers resiliency comparable to distributed controls

Controller-less (headless) mode ensures continuous fabric operations during the rare event of a controller cluster outage

Assures BCF robustness across every SW release with Netflix-inspired “Chaos Monkey” resiliency verification

Open, Commodity Hardware

Cloud-style HW/SW disaggregation

Dramatically reduce CapEx with open networking hardware based on best-of-breed merchant silicon

Eliminate vendor lock-in with choice of brite-box/ white-box hardware based on application needs

Single-source procurement and support for the entire solution

Turn-key (zero-touch) solution, no programming required