Cloud-First Operations


Intent-Based Networking

Cloud-style declarative policy management and verification

IT business intent delivered as automated policy workflows across the fabric — Design, Deploy, Operate, Verify

Enforce operational intent with zero-touch fabric formation and scale-out, one-click fabric-wide SW upgrades and one-click troubleshooting

Deliver application connectivity intent via auto- MLAG to host and automated L2/L3 networking through private cloud integration

Real-time intent verification and predictive analytics for health assessment, resource utilization and capacity planning

Zero-Touch Fabric

Cloud-style built-in workflows for Day0/Day1/Day2 operations

Rapid Day0 deployment through auto- discovery and auto-provisioning of switches and auto-formation of leaf/spine fabric

Faster Day1 change management for ongoing switch and cable replacements, and fabric-wide software upgrades

Speed-up Day2 fabric-wide auto-configuration for hosts and application VMs/containers

Comprehensive fabric life-cycle management from one dashboard — never touch a switch

Multi-Layer Security

Cloud-style centralized policy, multi-tenancy and delegated administration

Simplifies fabric-wide security policy/ACL creation and management via SDN controller

E-VPCs ensure tenant isolation, with additional controls for traffic across E-VPCs

Few-click firewall service insertion, to rapidly secure application traffic

Delegate E-VPC tenant management to DevOps with role-based access controls