Multi-Cloud Visibility and Security


SDN Policy

Auto-discover cloud resources (VPCs, resource tags, instances, subnets), define fine-grained filtering policies in Big Mon Controller to deliver any VPC/VNET traffic to any monitoring/security tool.

Elastic Monitoring

As cloud instances grow or shrink elastically, Big Mon’s auto scale-out architecture ensures seamless, pervasive traffic visibility

Packet Visibility

Ensure consistent on-prem like packet processing through cloud-based packet mirroring, filtering, and delivery to centralized tool farms for comprehensive visibility

Security Monitoring

Big Mon’s high performance data plane engine enables fine-grained packet/flow-level processing for security monitoring of public cloud application traffic

Multi-VPC/VNET Analytics

Centralized controller dashboard captures contextual intelligence of traffic across multiple VPCs/VNETs, providing simplified workflows for rapid troubleshooting and historical analysis.

Hybrid Cloud Consistency

Big Mon provides uniform monitoring workflows across on-prem and public cloud platforms, ensuring consistency, enhancing provisioning velocity and simplifying operations; additionally Multi-Cloud Director (MCD) provides a single operations console across all Big Mon deployments in hybrid cloud.