Big Monitoring Fabric enables end-to-end visibility and security for applications, based on their networking behaviors, for both on-premises and public cloud deployments.

Network and security operations can quickly see—and respond—to protect and optimize applications, no matter whose infrastructure hosts the applications. The two versions of Big Mon Fabric—Public Cloud and Enterprise Cloud—leverage the same technologies. These technologies offer best-in-class economics for any monitoring infrastructure today.


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Today’s data center is rapidly evolving to enable business innovation and competitiveness:

  • Cloud-native applications (virtual machines and containers) are growing east-west traffic in the data center.
  • Businesses are demanding higher performance and availability of applications and services.
  • The volume, velocity, and sophistication of cyber attacks are dramatically increasing.

Meanwhile, budgets have stagnated, requiring network owners to optimize capital expenditure and operational resources.

Data centers demand monitoring and security architectures that provide complete visibility, are more flexible, and can be operated faster and more efficiently in order to quickly respond to new business demands and cyber attacks. 

Traditional network packet brokers (NPBs), which operate box-by-box, are not able to address the monitoring and security needs of the modern data center. They introduce visibility silos, where each NPB provides access to a narrow selection of network links. These visibility silos prevent network owners from gaining a pervasive view of the network, where any tool can receive any flow from anywhere in the data center. Traditional (box-by-box) NPBs are also complex and time consuming to manage and scale.

Big Mon is the next-generation NPB built for today’s data center. It operates in real time, optimizing and delivering network traffic for each security and monitoring tool, which enables tools to scale and perform more efficiently. 

Big Mon delivers intelligent, agile, and highly flexible monitoring and security architectures that centralize the provisioning of network traffic from across the data center, including virtual workloads. Big Mon’s resilience, scale out design, and ease of management are unparalleled compared to traditional NPBs, while providing up to 50% cost saving.

The Next-Generation Network Packet Broker
The Next-Generation Network Packet Broker

Big Mon combines the functions of traditional NPBs with the intelligence, agility and flexibility of a true SDN fabric. It delivers network packets to both passive and active performance and security tools, and allows network and security teams to define delivery policies for each tool.

Unlike traditional NPBs, which function box-by-box, Big Mon acts as a single logical NPB — built with open-hardware networking switches and x86-based DPDK Service Nodes, managed from a high-availability controller. Additionally, it integrates with Analytics Nodes as well as Recorder Nodes to provide advanced network Telemetry for pervasive security and deeper visibility through a single pane of glass.

Because Big Mon’s logical NPB fabric is decoupled from the physical visibility nodes, network operators can deploy, operate, scale and innovate faster.

Deploy faster

The Next-Generation Network Packet Broker
  • Auto-discovery and configuration of Big Mon nodes
  • Tools can receive traffic from anywhere in network, regardless of physical location
  • Delivery policies are programmed from a single interface

Operate faster

  • Rapid detection and troubleshooting of performance and security issues leveraging multi-terabit Big Mon Analytics nodes and / or petabyte recording with Big Mon Recorder Nodes
  • REST APIs for tool and workflow integration and automation (event triggered monitoring, alerts, and tool interactions)
  • Attack mitigation at terabit scale — automated or user-driven

Scale and innovate faster

  • Zero-touch scale out
  • Changes to traffic delivery policies can be made without any physical reconfiguration of the visibility architecture
  • Add inline tools without impacting network operation
  • Reprogram policies in real time based on newly discovered threats

Big Monitoring Fabric components include:

  • High-availability controller pair based on industry-standard x86 servers
  • Switch Light™ SDN operating system
  • High-performance Service Nodes (based on industry-standard x86 DPDK servers) for advanced packet handling and Netflow generation
  • Multi-terabit Analytics Nodes (based on industry-standard x86 servers) for configurable, historical packet-based as well as flow based analytics
  • Petabyte packet capture recording with Recorder Nodes (based on industry-standard x86 servers) for compliance, security and troubleshooting needs.
  • Open-hardware networking switches (deployed out-of-band or inline)

Big Mon Controller

Together, these components create next-generation solutions for pervasive network visibility and scale out DMZ security:

  • Pervasive visibility and security with Big Mon Out-of-Band
  • Scale out DMZ Security with Big Mon Inline

With both out-of-band and inline deployment options, Big Monitoring Fabric provides a complete monitoring and security delivery solution for today’s data center — while optimizing cost by up to 50%.

Big Mon Use Cases

Monitor Every Rack

Big Switch Networks pioneered pervasive visibility in the data center with its scalable network packet broker architectures that significantly increase operational efficiency for network and security teams.

  • Fully instrument your data center without exploding tool costs
  • Leverage open-hardware networking switches for cost-efficient visibility
  • Use automation and programmable workflows to create a low-touch data center monitoring infrastructure

Monitor Every Location

Easily extend your monitoring and security architectures across multiple data centers. Big Mon’s controller-based SDN architecture enables remote, centralized control of tool policies and configurations, with management performed through a simple, single pane interface.

Monitor Mobile 4G/LTE Networks

Gain visibility into your mobile LTE network traffic with advanced packet handling that allows tools to monitor tunneled traffic. Traffic can also be delivered to tools based on customer or application.

Monitor Cloud-native applications

Create unified monitoring and security policies across both physical and virtual traffic. Big Mon enables network operators to access traffic from VMs, containers and public clouds and direct this traffic to any monitoring or security tool.

Defend the DMZ with BigSecure™ Architecture

Deploy multi-layered security in the DMZ and enable rapid and automated responses to cyber attacks. With inline tool chaining, programmatic interactions with SDN controller, and terabit-scale attack mitigation, the BigSecure Architecture enables security owners to finally defend data center applications and services from massive DDoS attacks.