Cloud-First Experience


App or Network Issue?

Cloud-style rapid root cause analysis for maximum uptime

Centralized hop-by-hop troubleshooting to dramatically reduce network “mean time to innocence”.

Enables application-aware drill-down to pinpoint unexpected connectivity issues, due to increased latency or packet drops.

Integrates real-time and historical analytics for contextual insights on application trends.

Uncovers network hotspots with extensive dashboard views for rapid root-cause analysis.

Empower IT with Network Time Machine

Cloud-style record and replay for security and performance monitoring

Integrates real-time analytics with record and replay of app/network traffic, for comprehensive security and performance monitoring

Empowers NetOps/SecOps with simplified end-toend workflows driven by a single GUI dashboard

Modern, scale-out architecture delivers plug-and- play extensibility for increased capacity and performance

Presents richer and actionable insights by rapidly correlating real-time events with historical data

Predictive Analytics for Autonomous IT

Cloud-style deep learning for automated IT operations and insights

Leverages Machine Learning and advanced statistical modeling for predictive network and application analytics

Telemetry through event-driven analytics and real-time network state enables automatic detection of security and performance anomalies.

Intelligent alert and notification engine provides real-time issue tracking and dramatically improves “mean time to resolution”

Simplifies capacity planning by revealing hidden network data patterns via historical, real-time and predictive dashboards