Cloud-First Infrastructure


SDN Fabric Controller

Dramatically reduce operational complexity by managing the entire fabric as one logical network packet broker

Fabric-wide software-defined controls eliminate box-by-box management and provisioning complexity

Integration with private cloud platforms delivers built-in automated controls for dynamic VM visibility

Intuitive self-service dashboard for provisioning and operations, rapidly enabling network visibility and security

Scale-out Capture and Analysis

Cloud-style integrated analytics everywhere

Flexible cluster-based architecture enables horizontal scale-out (grow as you need), managed via software-defined controller dashboard for operational simplicity

Eliminates complex troubleshooting and security analytics workflows through integrated packet/flow capture, analysis and record functions

Enables integration and correlation of third-party tools and private cloud platforms for comprehensive visibility and security monitoring

Provides rich dashboards for real-time/historical anomalous analysis, coupled with intuitive packet-level drilldown capabilities to enable swift incident resolution.

Open Commodity Hardware

Cloud-style HW/SW disaggregation

Dramatically reduce CapEx with open networking hardware based on best-of-breed merchant silicon

Eliminate vendor lock-in with choice of brite-box/ white-box hardware based on application needs

Single-source procurement and support for the entire solution

Turn-key (zero-touch) solution, no programming required