Cloud-First Operations


Intent Based Monitoring

Cloud-style declarative policy management

Business intent translated to intuitive monitoring policies for rapid, fabric-wide provisioning at scale

Resilient design ensures policy intent in the event of device/link failure for continuous visibility

Expresses security intent through programatic integration with security tools, for rapid threat detection and mitigation

Real-time intent verification and predictive analytics for health assessment, resource utilization and capacity planning

Zero Touch Monitoring Fabric

Cloud-style built in workflows for Day0/Day1/Day2 Operations

Rapid Day0 deployment through auto-discovery and auto-provisioning of switches and auto-formation of one logical packet broker fabric

Faster Day1 change management for ongoing switch and cable replacements, and fabric-wide software upgrades

Speed-up Day2 with intent-driven or API-triggered workflows enabling automated network-to-tool provisioning for packet and flow analysis

Comprehensive fabric life-cycle management from one dashboard — never touch a switch


Cloud-style centralized policy multi-tenancy and delegated administration

Traffic isolation and administrative separation enables cloud style monitoring-as-a-service

Rapidly partition Big Mon into multiple logical NPB fabrics dedicated per tenant

Dramatically Reduce TCO by leveraging shared resources across multiple monitoring teams

Permits separation of duties between infrastructure teams and tool owners to meet compliance and regulatory governance