Cloud-First Visibility


Application Dependency Mapping for Enhanced Reachability Analysis

Cloud-style visualizations for app-to-app communications

Discovers, visualizes and optimizes critical business service dependency mapping to minimize adverse business impact

Drives troubleshooting agility by visualizing application dependency mapping to locate service performance issues.

Streamlines application service capacity planning by identifying choke points leveraging ADM with historical data.

Automatically detects and alerts application service

Scale-Out Network Performance Monitoring

Cloud-style on-demand traffic visibility at any scale

Cloud-native, scale-out network visibility with integrated deployment of analytics nodes, service nodes, and recorder nodes

Institutes a “Build as you grow” model leveraging horizontal scale-out fabric architecture using industry- standard switches and servers

Simplifies visibility and security with scale-out automation for workload monitoring.

Eliminates tool silos by centralizing tool farms leveraging one logical network packet broker.

Comprehensive Flow Intelligence

Cloud-style flow data generation, analysis and visualization

Presents enterprise-wide actionable insights, deep visibility, and security analytics via intuitive, flow- aware dashboards.

Provides comprehensive hop-by-hop views of application flows across the network.

Enables packet-level drill-down for fine-grained L4- L7 security and behavioral analytics.

Accelerates forensic investigations and compliance initiatives by creating an audit trail of historical network events