Multi-Cloud Director streamlines management of Big Cloud Fabric and Big Monitoring Fabric across on-premises enterprise clouds and public clouds.

As IT organizations scale out their deployments of Big Mon Fabric (BMF) monitoring and Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) switching infrastructures—whether single-site, multi-site, or across various public clouds—they need to centralize many of the repetitive day-to-day tasks to keep operating costs down.

They also need governance, control, orchestration, and visibility across all locations to meet security, compliance, and change-management requirements. At the same time, they must keep each site agile, balancing the needs of their application developers by not asserting too much central control.

Hence the need for Big Switch Multi-Cloud Director, a multi-cloud controller for enterprise networks.

Multi Cloud Director

Multi-Cloud Director offers a single pane of glass for viewing all of an enterprise’s Big Switch infrastructure, both on premise and within the public clouds.


Multi-Cloud Director provides comprehensive oversight

Multi-Cloud Director federates data from all BCF and BMF deployments, with a centralized database, centralized GUI, and centralized search intelligence. The rich GUI offers at-a-glance dashboards. Admins can quickly visualize data across multiple fabrics and take immediate action in response to anomalies, alerts, and on-screen reports.

Multi Cloud Director

Multi-Cloud Director discovers all Big Switch deployments, including BCF and BMC public and enterprise fabrics, and displays them with high level alerts, warnings, revision levels, and fabric inventory data.


Multi-Cloud Director offers comprehensive functionality

  • Visibility IT organizations can quickly and intuitively search the Multi-Cloud Director database to visualize specific areas of interest. They can run scans to check software revisions, serial numbers, IP addresses, MAC addresses, major alerts, fabric specific information, endpoint addresses, and myriad other data objects. Multi-Cloud Director shows scan results in the controller GUI in tables, topology views, and reports.
  • Global Configuration Settings Multi-Cloud Director can rapidly apply common configurations across multiple BCF and BMF instances, including NTP, DNS, Syslog, and SNMP settings. The benefits: reduced operating costs and compliance across all fabrics.

Multi Cloud Director

Multi-Cloud Director makes configuration easy for settings common across different sites. Admins select configuration actions and sites and then apply the updates.

  • Inventory All switch and controller data for each fabric, including hardware addresses, hardware types, and hardware model numbers, is uploaded into the Multi-Cloud Director database. .
  • Centralized alerting Status for each site including health, capacity, and fabric error are represented within an alert interface. This greatly reduces the need for a 24/7 network administrator responsible for each Big Switch Fabric.
  • Integration with both Big Mon Fabric and Big Cloud Fabric The network team can use Multi-Cloud Director for both fabric controller types, including both integrated and filtered views.
  • Compliance reporting IT can generate compliance reports based on hardware revisions and software versions, as well as specific configuration settings, for example, Syslog enabled.
  • Multi-department sharing of data Beyond network operations, other teams can leverage Multi-Cloud Director to locate applications or workloads, run compliance checks, or check security settings within a virtual private cloud (VPC).

Multi Cloud Director

Multi-Cloud Director shows both switch CPU utilization and capacity at a glance, sorted by consumption. Planners and admins can use these views to ensure capacity meet demand, both proactively and when troubleshooting.

Multi-Cloud Director makes network oversight more efficient

Multi-Cloud Director saves hours of administrative time each month by centralizing repetitive functions and by ensuring that every BCF or BMF deployment is compliant, backed up, and healthy.

The minute an enterprise deploys multiple instances of BCF and/or BMF on-premises and/or in public clouds, the ROI advantage for Multi-Cloud Director becomes a compelling case.