A key operational benefit of software-defined networking is the increased visibility possible with the adoption of an abstracted and centralized control plane. Big Cloud Fabric™ and Big Monitoring Fabric™ both leverage a controller-based SDN architecture, which provides a single point of management and visibility across a fabric of networking switches. This design radically simplifies and streamlines operations, enabling accelerated troubleshooting, change management, and remediation of security issues.

  • Big Cloud Fabric, the next-generation data center switching fabric, delivers deep network visibility and telemetry.
  • Big Monitoring Fabric, the next-generation data center security and monitoring fabric, delivers fabric analytics, as well as enhanced packet and flow-level visibility.

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Big Cloud Fabric Analytics

Rapidly Troubleshoot with BCF Fabric Analytics

Deep, centralized visibility into networking infrastructure enables organizations to quickly troubleshoot, anticipate issues, and determine capacity requirements for change management purposes. Unfortunately, legacy networking designs use a box-by-box (fragmented) management approach, so they cannot provide deep, network-wide visibility through a central interface.

Big Cloud Fabric (BCF), with its controller-based network fabric and single pane of glass management, delivers visibility across both physical and logical network components, providing a single, easy-to-consume interface for network operations and VM administrators.

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The BCF Fabric Analytics module serves as a platform for advanced analytics and correlations. Switches within BCF generate logs and statistics that are collected by the controller. The Fabric Analytics module processes the data to generate a variety of analytics and trends. It also provides extensive search and filtering capabilities — powered by open-source ElasticSearch engine. The Fabric Analytics module is presented through the controller’s web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Fabric Analytics provides a set of preconfigured dashboards that cover both logical and physical components and topologies. Physical dashboards include Switch Interface, Configuration Changes, and Errors. Logical dashboards include Tenant, Segment, Endpoint, Protocols, and VMWare vCenter.

fabric analytics - VMWare Dashboard

With Fabric Analytics, network operations (and VM admin) teams can rapidly troubleshoot network issues and failure conditions throughout the fabric. Fabric-wide configuration changes (via CLI, GUI, or REST API) are visible directly in the controller to identify inappropriate access and/or root cause issues occurring due to network misconfiguration. Fabric Analytics dramatically reduces time to issue identification and resolution, and accelerates change management — without the need for expensive third-party analytics tools or repositories.

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Big Monitoring Fabric Analytics

Gain Insight and Troubleshoot On Demand with Big Mon Fabric Analytics 2.0

Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) is an SDN-based security and monitoring fabric governed by a central controller. Big Mon functions as single logical network packet broker, providing real time network packets and flows to a variety of security and monitoring tools — while providing significant operational benefits such as resiliency, rapid configuration and scale out, and network-wide visibility to tools. Big Mon Fabric Analytics 2.0 is an analytics module that can connect to multiple Big Mon controllers to gather and display top talker, top application, top flow, and various other host, application, flow, and latency related information from the production network. Additionally, Big Mon Fabric Analytics 2.0 also displays various policy, event, and interface statistics for the Big Mon Fabric.

Production Network Analytics - DNS Dashboard

Complete visibility into the security and monitoring fabric allows network and security operations teams to ensure that the fabric is functioning as it should be, so as to not exceed capacity, or over or under subscribe tools. On-demand visibility into network traffic via flow-level visibility supplements the security and monitoring tools, giving flexibility to operations teams to troubleshoot issues, as needed, without reconfiguring or adding tools.

Fabric Analytics information can be visualized through configurable dashboards of historical time-series based graphs in the graphical user interface (GUI). These dashboards include fabric-related, as well as production network information.

Big Mon Fabric Analytics - Policy Statistics Dashboard

Big Mon’s Fabric Analytics’ single pane of glass interface provides exceptionally flexible visibility: Operations teams can quickly identify and address issues that may affect the integrity of the monitoring and security infrastructure, as well as address issues that may arise on the network itself. The result is rapid issue discovery and resolution, which ensures the network — and the applications they deliver — perform at their peak.

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