1st Principle
Open(Dis-aggregated) Networking
The first concrete principle is open networking (or disaggregated) switch hardware. Mainstream IT organizations are driving initiatives to on-board cloud-style networking, and gain the associated benefits.
2nd Principle
Core & Pod Design
The 2nd concrete principle of cloud-first networking is deployment topology that leverages core and pod design principles.
3rd Principle
Software Controls
Software controls are critical to make the underlying hardware networking infrastructure logically centralized. According to the Google design principle: Logically centralize with a hierarchical control plane.
4th Principle
Network Automation
Data center operators have been overwhelmed with network complexity during the last twenty years, and hence our 4th principle focuses on network automation.
5th Principle
Controller-Based ACL
Network security (who can talk to whom) is a fundamental construct of any data center network deployment. Hence, we have selected controller-based access control list (ACL) as the 5th principle of cloud-first networking.
6th Principle
Network Analytics
Network analysis, telemetry, and visualization are critical in any data center network transformation project for rapidly identifying application performance/connectivity issues, for capacity planning, and for predictive network behaviors.
7th Principle
VPCs On-Premises
For principle 7 of cloud-first networking, we picked a popular public cloud construct whose impact can be monumental when broadly deployed in mainstream data centers: virtual public cloud (VPC) on-prem.
The eBook on Cloud-First Networking Discusses:
  1. Open (Dis-aggregated) Network
  2. Core & Pod Design
  3. Software Controls
  4. Network Automation
  5. Controller-Based ACL
  6. Network Analytics
  7. VPC On-Premises
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