January 30, 2017
As the next-generation data center networking company, we at Big Switch are busy bringing game changing innovations to data center switching with our Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) solution. Data center customers no longer need to be concerned with the complexity and cost of box-by-box networking. Like Dubai Municipality, they can deploy an easy to use, highly cost optimized switching fabric (BCF) that... Read more
January 19, 2017
It has been amazing to witness the adoption of open networking during the past few years years. The Open Compute Project (OCP) has been a catalyst for adoption of and innovation in open networking advancements. The practice of disaggregating network hardware and software, first employed by hyperscale organizations, is increasingly being adopted by mainstream enterprise and service provider... Read more
December 29, 2016
In the past few months there has been a flurry of activity and announcements about network verification and assurance technologies, which promise to tackle various obstacles that stand in the way of network administrators. The purpose of these technologies is to eliminate human errors that can cause major network outages, especially in the complex and seemingly heterogeneous networks of today.... Read more
December 21, 2016
2016 was a remarkable year for Big Switch. It was a year of growth, many new customer logos, an expanding geographical footprint, many new faces at the company and exciting industry accolades. The team worked tirelessly to put the customer first and pushed the boundaries of innovation further than we have before. Most importantly, we continued to foster a culture and workplace built on a... Read more
December 16, 2016
I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world and talking about SDN[1] and related technologies (NFV, OpenStack, network virtualization, OpenFlow, etc.) for the past eight years. I’ve talked to customers, analysts, researchers, influencers, bloggers, reporters and--let’s face it--naysayers, and it’s been incredibly fulfilling to see the traction and impact this technology has had on the industry... Read more
December 05, 2016
Accelerating Next-gen Network Packet Broker InnovationBig Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon) has taken an amazing journey over the last few years. It’s redefined the legacy, box-based network packet broker (NPB) technology with a next-generation NPB architecture. Leveraging the modern design principles of SDN control software, scale-out fabric topology, and open networking switch HW, Big Mon has... Read more
December 05, 2016
It is exciting to witness rapid customer adoption of Big Monitoring Fabric (Big Mon)—the next-generation network packet broker (NPB)—for data center wide monitoring and security. Big Mon has leveraged software-defined networking (SDN) enabled fabric design and open Ethernet switches to deliver unique next-gen innovations compared to legacy NPB boxes, such as scale-out architecture, zero-touch... Read more
December 05, 2016
As the threat landscape intensifies, data center operators are demanding next-generation solutions to monitor pervasively and withstand massive cyber-attacks while operating within flat budgets. Today, we are announcing the BigSecure Architecture – a next-generation DMZ security architecture leveraging SDN fabric, best-of-breed security tools, deep packet inspection (DPI) service nodes and NFV... Read more
November 21, 2016
 It would be an understatement to say it is an exciting time to work in open networking. Open Network Linux (ONL) continues to partner with open switch vendors such as Accton/Edgecore, Celestica, Dell, Facebook, Mellanox, Quanta and a few unnamed/upcoming vendors. ONL is at the forefront of system support, bringing in new systems weekly, as we continue to make working with our partners and the... Read more
October 27, 2016
Wealthfront, an automated investment service firm for personal finance, named Big Switch to its fifth annual Career-Launching Companies list. For Big Switch, this is a big honor, especially when you dive into the origins of the list, which is compiled by Wealthfront founder and Executive Chairman, Andy Rachleff.Andy is a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and he started compiling... Read more