June 20, 2016
Big Cloud Fabric – next–generation data center switching fabric built with SDN control software and open networking switches – is an ideal solution for variety of IP storage connectivity.  Specifically, Big Cloud Fabric supports both traditional and modern storage options, as shown in the figure below: Traditional IP Storage Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software-defined Storage (SDS) Software-... Read more
June 20, 2016
When we started the company back in 2010, the vision was to use SDN controllers along with physical and hypervisor virtual switches to build a range of new networking products that the world had never seen before.  Steve Jobs’ “Think Different” campaign was a mantra around our (very small) office at the time.   As I look back on the last few months, a few points make me particularly proud of the... Read more
June 20, 2016
It is truly exciting time at Big Switch where our non-stop software innovations in next-generation data center switching and monitoring continue to generate multiple “wows” with Global 2000 enterprise and service provider customers.  Instead of traditional value proposition of price-performance, port density and proprietary vendor lock-in features, we at Big Switch have focused on delivering... Read more
June 03, 2016
How can operators identify rogue DHCP servers on the networkHaving a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server on a network that is not managed by an IT department can be a huge security concern, and can cause significant operational challenges for network admins. This blog will briefly cover what a rogue DHCP server is and some highly differentiated features of Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF... Read more
May 10, 2016
The move from 1GE to 10GE servers started some years ago as server virtualization took hold and just about every IT outfit saw the value in server consolidation & server virtualization that brought significant cost reduction as well as operational efficiencies. The shift from 1GE to 10GE on the server side forced the shift deeper in the infrastructure from 10GE to 40GE as a result.  In data... Read more
May 03, 2016
Taking security to a next level with Big Cloud FabricAs attacks on corporate networks and data breaches have become more common, organizations are forced to rethink their IT security strategies. More than ever, it is understood that it is not if an attack will occur but when. As a result, modern infrastructure must be resilient and able to withstand any external or internal attacks. A... Read more
April 18, 2016
Modern data centers demand software-centric infrastructures across compute, network and storage for speed, simplicity, flexibility and economics.  A new class of hyperscale-inspired applications, such as HDFS, Cassandra, Storm, Spark, Jenkins as well as a new application form factor – containers – require rapidly deployable, logically isolated infrastructure that natively supports application... Read more
April 04, 2016
Taking Integration with VMware to the next level with BCF 3.5 Some say that "SDN" is the answer to all of your IT problems. However, this term is getting over-used and definition changes depending on the day or who screams the loudest. Some have even called it "Slide Defined Networking". At Big Switch Networks however, SDN is definitely not slide defined. In contrast, it is defined by concrete... Read more
April 01, 2016
 There is no denying that the appetite for computing power is growing. Whether that computing capacity is in Public cloud or private cloud is a choice often influenced by economics, applications, security and other data governance issues. Regardless of where the applications are hosted, there is also a need to continuously monitor the data center infrastructure along with applications and... Read more
February 26, 2016
Software Defined Networking (SDN) has brought new levels of efficiency to various use cases including data center, campus and WAN. It has brought with it promise of increased agility, lower CapEx and OpEx. Big Switch Networks has been at the forefront of this trend in data center networking. By leveraging the power of open source software and a growing demand of hardware software disaggregation... Read more