March 15, 2015
As open SDN fabrics (built with open networking switches) become popular for mainstream data center deployments, there is increasing demand for broader multi-vendor solutions that provide application-wide elasticity and data center-wide protection against continuous, sophisticated cyber attacks. A10 Networks and Big Switch are extending their partnership to address both these customer needs:The... Read more
March 09, 2015
The momentum behind the Open Networking movement and Open Compute (OCP) in particular is staggering.  This week, just in time for the Open Compute large annual summit in San Jose, an impressive collection of companies are coming together around Open Networking and announcing plans involving our Open Network Linux ( open source project.  In addition to trying to capture all... Read more
January 27, 2015
Today, we announced Big Cloud Fabric 2.5 – a smarter and ultra-flexible release of our ready-to-deploy SDN Clos (leaf/spine) fabric for building data center pod networks. It was just last September that we unveiled Big Cloud Fabric – the industry’s only bare-metal SDN fabric – to bring hyperscale-style network design and its benefits to data centers worldwide.  And, over the past few months, it... Read more
December 22, 2014
It has been a remarkable 2014 at Big Switch. I am incredibly proud of the team and the great relationships formed with customers and partners around the world. Networking Today: It’s a New World What’s clear is that we are witnessing a tectonic shift in the market as evident in the efforts in Open Compute (OCP), Facebook’s announcement of Wedge and FBOSS, and of course Google Andromeda. In 2014,... Read more
December 04, 2014
It’s been a fascinating few weeks for open networking.  Working backwards in time: Yesterday, Juniper Networks has announced that they are moving in to the Brite Box (BRanded whITE box) space with their OCX1100 Tuesday, a group of 100+ developers lead by Microsoft and Dell held an Open Compute workshop on a ASIC-independent Switch Abstraction Interface Just before Thanksgiving, we at Big... Read more
November 17, 2014
This is an exciting time to be in networking. The teams that have led network innovation for the last half decade have been hyperscale data center architects, not the traditional networking vendors, and their innovations are increasingly open to the broader community. Following sneak peeks of Google’s Andromeda (P+V) fabric and Microsoft’s Demon monitoring fabric, the Facebook team shared a... Read more
November 12, 2014
As networking continues to evolve and drive versatility, we can look back and learn from similar changes that ensued in the mainframe industry.  The past provides insight into how networking will likely transform – just as the mainframes transitioned to the disaggregated x86 server model.  Mainframes were tightly coupled with proprietary processors and operating systems, which resulted in limited... Read more
November 03, 2014
We are excited to announce our expanded partnership with Riverbed to bring application awareness to SDN fabrics.  Both companies are focused on software innovations, leveraging standards-based open hardware, to deliver joint data center solutions.  Big Switch is also joining Riverbed-Ready Technology Alliance Program to drive joint go-to-market activities – to accelerate consumption of SDN... Read more
October 13, 2014
We live in a world with a constantly evolving threat landscape. While cloud and virtualization technologies have enabled rapid scaling of IT, the consequences of security breaches in such an environment are far-reaching. Security administrators have the very daunting task of protecting their IT assets from non-stop, sophisticated and constantly evolving, targeted attacks. These trends are... Read more
October 06, 2014
The (much appreciated) twitter and website attention that we’ve received over the last few days has led to a few good jokes around the office. It has also made us reflect on the differences that we’re seeing in our business today versus this time last year when we saw a similar spike in traffic, and a handful of reasons for why the market today is in such a different place. The team on our side... Read more