October 06, 2014
The (much appreciated) twitter and website attention that we’ve received over the last few days has led to a few good jokes around the office. It has also made us reflect on the differences that we’re seeing in our business today versus this time last year when we saw a similar spike in traffic, and a handful of reasons for why the market today is in such a different place. The team on our side... Read more
September 29, 2014
At Big Switch Networks, we are excited to announce on-schedule delivery of our flagship product – the Big Cloud Fabric (BCF).  It is the world’s first data center networking fabric built with bare metal switches and SDN software.  BCF was unveiled during our July launch while in beta, has secured $1M pre-FCS orders to date and is now shipping to customers.The BCF product is designed for new pods... Read more
September 25, 2014
On behalf of the team here at Big Switch, we wanted to post a thank you to the delegates of Networking Field Day 8 who spent a day over at our offices.  It was a lot of fun and a real highlight for us to host the event in our office – our team loved both the on-camera and off-camera sessions.For readers unfamiliar with Networking Field Day events, picture a room full of high-end networking... Read more
September 15, 2014
Big Tap Monitoring Fabric – an SDN visibility fabric based on bare metal switches – is gaining tremendous momentum with enterprise and service provider customers for ubiquitous monitoring of network traffic. Traditional approach based on proprietary Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) has proven to be expensive and operationally complex, and hence most organizations have been reluctant to deploy NPBs... Read more
August 18, 2014
Peter Krey, Co-Chair of Open Compute (OCP) Open Networking, Co-Founder of Open InfraShare, and President & Founder, Krey Associates, Inc. As Kyle has heard me blast nearly a zillion times, Khan Academy totally rocks!  For the first time ever, Khan Academy provides free and open access to an amazing range and growing group of self-learning resources. Starting at 3rd grade basics scaling all... Read more
July 22, 2014
 Today is a big day for Big Switch!We just announced our flagship product, Big Cloud Fabric, is orderable now and will ship later this quarter. With this announcement, the company is taking another step in the company’s commitment to bring hyperscale networking technologies to a broader audience.In addition to the introduction of Big Cloud Fabric, we are releasing Big Tap 4.0 and expanding our... Read more
July 21, 2014
Andy Brown, one of the leading visionaries of IT infrastructure on Wall Street, joined us for a conversation on topics including the current state of network design, the hyperscale versus enterprise mindset, some signals that network innovation is sinking in and navigating networking career paths.Below are some transcript highlights from a fun afternoon.  Andy, thank you.You’ve been a vocal... Read more
July 17, 2014
For the first time, in a long time, there is a cycle of innovation in networking.  If you look at Facebook, Google and Amazon, they are advancing the state of the art to meet their hyperscale needs. They are not interested in the end-to-end offerings of the leading networking, database, compute and storage vendors, but rather are innovating at every layer of the data center. The rate of change in... Read more
July 09, 2014
It is well known that bare metal switches and SDN software that powers them have been successfully deployed in hyperscale data centers (e.g. in Google, Amazon) for many years.  These modern network designs – with HW/SW disaggregation and no vendor lock-in – have proven beneficial in terms of unprecedented application agility, massive operational simplification and dramatic cost savings.... Read more
June 24, 2014
Merchant Silicon and Bare Metal Changed EverythingIn the third part of this technical blog series, I talk about how the emerging merchant silicon and “bare metal” switching movements have permanently changed software-defined networking, enabling production-grade SDN solutions in the data center.  I’ll describe how these two complementary technology trends are providing unprecedented hardware... Read more