Pervasive DC Visibility and the 1/10GE to 10/40GE Transition

Big Monitoring Fabric™ delivers advanced monitoring functionality at whitebox economics - ensuring data center wide network visibility and troubleshooting coverage to ensure an optimal mean time to repair (MTTR).

In the complex upgrade to a 10/40GE data center network, the troubleshooting infrastructure is often an afterthought. This can be a painful mistake. For various reasons, the number of passive optical taps in a production 10/40GE network that has been designed for rapid troubleshooting is much larger than the number of taps in older 1GE environments where ad hoc Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) ports were adequate for the task.

Big Tap Monitoring Fabric for 10G Data Center Networks Graphic

The Big Switch Networks Approach: SDN Software Meets Bare Metal Hardware

Big Monitoring Fabric features SDN design principles and commodity (white-box / brite-box) switch hardware, delivering advanced functionality with bare metal switching economics. Big Monitoring Fabric delivers a set of unique features that enable troubleshooting in a 10/40GE network, including in-built advanced analytics to provide the most relevant information at your fingertips.


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