The government wants your agency’s IT to work like a business. Are you ready?

Big Switch Networks is driving the private cloud on-premises initiative for government, as the first software-defined networking vendor to achieve federal Common Criteria certification.

With government agencies racing to embrace public, private or hybrid cloud, Big Switch’s Cloud First Networking (CFN) portfolio can help ensure your agency’s IT Modernization mission success.

Our solutions deliver on the goals of federal government Technology Business Management, to help federal IT run like a business:

  • Optimize operational efficiency

  • Rationalize quickly with agile development

  • Innovate rapidly using best of breed

  • Transform the mission

Certification matters

Big Switch’s CFN platform provides security, stability, and resiliency as your agency continues to move to the cloud.

We are the first open networking SDN provider to have completed both Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DoDIN APL - JITC) certification. To ensure security, we are aligned our secure fabrics with  FISMA, RMF (Risk Management Framework) and the NIST 800 53 security and privacy controls.
Certification Logos

"As Government Agencies work to modernize the nation’s technology infrastructure, they will rely heavily on certified solutions to protect and secure sensitive data. Big Switch Networks’ Cloud First Networking Portfolio offers all levels of government a third party tested, verified, and trusted cloud-based solution. The completion of the DoDIN APL process not only opens doors to new and exciting markets for Big Switch Networks, but also demonstrates their commitment to product security and the protection of our nation’s infrastructure."
Jake Nelson, Director of Marketing
Corsec Security, Inc.

The best of the public cloud, on-premise

The Big Switch CFN portfolio delivers software-defined networking architecture with industry standard, commodity-based, open networking hardware.

We are the first vendor to combine cloud-native computing and visibility in a single system under test (SUT), and the first SDN-based data center multi-stage circuit switching fabric to achieve government certifications on a white/brite-box.

The CFN portfolio addresses cloud networking design challenges by bringing cloud networking features on-premise. From there, our in-cloud products create a true multi-cloud management system.

Your mission needs, answered

From raising agency scorecard rankings in data center consolidation to modernizing internal cloud infrastructure, Big Switch helps agencies comply with government requirements and mission goals:

  • Cloud Smart/Cloud First readiness

  • FITARA compliance

  • Approved  on-prem cloud reference architecture

  • Approved Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

As agencies modernize their infrastructure, moving to the public or private cloud, the typical challenges are:

  • Automation

  • Ease-of-use

  • Application integration

  • Rapid innovation and prototyping (OTA)

  • Breaking away from the legacy network methodology

Big Switch Networks helps agencies understand how easy it can be to get true operational efficiency with automated cloud provisioning and cloud scale monitoring. With Big Switch, agencies can increase both capability and scale in deployment, for a true cloud-ready, risk averse, IT modernization strategy.

Use Case – A long-term vision for the cloud

A key Intelligence Community agency realized that it needed to improve its long-term vision, dexterity and cost savings, enabled by cloud-first principles and cloud-first networking by leveraging software-defined networking and the public cloud, to enable automated provisioning in a next generation data center environment.

Software defined networking enabled the agency to take advantage of agile computing for increased downtime resiliency and improved network scalability.

With Big Switch, the agency has built out its failure domain architecture, and modernized its monitoring visibility infrastructure. They have improved the management layer of their monitoring visibility, and added both hosting and provisioning capabilities.

Using approved software, the agency has now brought a proactive cloud approach into alignment with government requirements.

Make the big switch to cloud with Big Switch Networks

The cloud is redefining the government data center, away from its traditional infrastructure focus to a distributed application environment.

With Big Switch Networks, agencies can meet the government’s goals of having IT work like a business. Manage applications running in private and public clouds with a responsive, automated, programmable and consistent network experience.

When you are ready to make the switch to an improved cloud networking experience, you are ready for Big Switch Networks. 

Steve Septoff Vice President
Dell EMC

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