Multi-tenant SDN Fabric Reduces Team and Tool Silos

Most data centers have a wide range of monitoring and security tools, and over time the tools 'portfolio' is growing exponentially. Each tool is used by different teams, with changes engineered at different frequencies and visibility needed into different, but overlapping, slices of the network. Big Monitoring Fabric™ is a multi-tenant monitoring fabric that can connect any tap, to any tool, at any time.

Big Tap Monitoring Fabric for Tap Sharing Graphic

First generation ‘tap-to-tool’ designs were simple: add more taps and span ports, and continue to give each organization its own dedicated taps for its dedicated tools. As each team added more tools, second-generation designs emerged: network packet brokers. This second design is the most common case we see today in large datacenters, and leads to a condition we refer to as the “team-and-tool silo.”

Big Monitoring Fabric is a third-generation design, that allows networking team to break down these team-and-tool silos, converging on a tap-sharing, multi-tenant monitoring fabric that can connect any tap to any tool at any time. An advanced design, leveraging commodity hardware (whitebox switches) and Software Defined Networking (SDN), is embodied in the Big Monitoring Fabric solution.

For more information, download the white paper, “Sharing Taps Across Teams with Multi-tenant Monitoring Fabrics”

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