Open Networking Ecosystem is Accelerating

Open network switching (brite-box/white-box) hardware was first adopted by hyperscale companies such as Google and Facebook. Open Compute Project (OCP) accelerated adoption of open networking in enterprise and service provider data centers.

Open Networking Ecosystem

Open Networking Switch Platforms

Multiple branded OEM (brite-box) and ODM (white-box) providers are supplying a rich set of open networking switch platforms, including:

  • 10G: 48x10G + 6x40G, 48x10GbT + 6x40G
  • 40G: 32x40G and 64x40G
  • 25G/100G: 32x100G

These platforms include best-of-breed merchant silicon networking ASICs, thus providing a level playing field between providers of open networking and the legacy vendors of closed, proprietary networking. Merchant silicon based switch platforms provide the same hardware features, and hence vendors must differentiate based on software.

Software Innovations in Open Networking

OCP also drives standardization of open networking platform software, including Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) and Open Network Linux (ONL).

ONIE – offered as pre-installed firmware on open network switches – provides an environment for automated operating system provisioning of network operating system (NOS). All open networking switches are now shipped with ONIE pre-installed from factory. All modern NOS software for open networking support ONIE for automatically installing NOS on “bare metal” switches.

ONL is a Linux distribution for open network switches. ONL uses ONIE to install onto on-board flash memory. Open Network Linux supports multiple switch fabric APIs including: OF-DPA, OpenNSL and SAI. Specific information about hardware support for the different APIs can be found in the HCL. Open Network Linux is compatible with most forwarding agents including: Quagga, BIRD and Facebook FBOSS. Big Switch's commercial OS – Switch Light OS – is also built with ONL.

Open Networking Switches and SDN

Transforming Your Data Center with Open Networking Switches and SDN

Packaging technology components into next generation networking fabric solutions, Big Switch brings together advanced networking features enabled by SDN software with the industry-leading price points provided by open networking switches.

Users are experiencing up to 50% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), as determined by the ACG study.

OpenStack and VMware workflow comparison

Addressing Real Business Use Cases with SDN Fabric Solutions

Big Monitoring Fabric

Augments a network to provide pervasive security and monitoring. Business use cases being addressed:

Big Cloud Fabric

Replaces a network with hyperscale networking fabric. Business use cases being addressed:

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