Join the Open-Source NOS Revolution!

Why the Open-source NOS stack?

Open networking is challenging the status-quo of the networking industry with disaggregated hardware and software, similar to the transformation that happened with x86 compute and Linux software. Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) and Open Network Linux (ONL), together, create a revolutionary open-source NOS stack for collaborative development in networking. This standardization of hardware and NOS drives commoditization of box-based networking, while simultaneously enabling innovations at the upper layers of the networking stack.

End-users Benefits

Large, software-driven organizations such as service providers, SaaS, cloud providers as well universities conducting networking research can tailor the Open-source NOS stack for their specific needs and gain several benefits.

Innovation Velocity, Increased Flexibility, Freedom of Choice, and Reduced Cost

SONiC + ONL: Under the Hood

SONiC + ONL: Under the Hood

Ansible Based
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SONiC + ONL: Ansible Automation and Visibility

Data center operators leverage DevOps automation packages using Ansible to automate and simplify network fabric configuration. This is a demo of Ansible-driven automation of multi-tier BGP/L3 fabric config for white box switches running SONiC + ONL

Controller Based
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SONiC + ONL: Zero-touch Ops with Controller

An external controller can be leveraged for the image life cycle management for a switch running the open-source NOS. This is a demo of controller-driven Zero-touch installation and platform visibility for switches running SONiC + ONL.

Download SONiC + ONL Open NOS Demo Package

Questions? Review the SONiC + ONL Q&A page for additional details.