Big Cloud Fabric for VMware Networking


Big Switch's Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) provides best-in-class automated underlay fabric for VMware SDDC deployments, including vSphere, NSX, vSAN, VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). BCF leverages AWS-style Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) constructs on-prem to deliver a Network-as-a-Service operational model for VMware SDDC including server virtualization, network virtualization, and hyper-converged infrastructure. BCF provides underlay network automation and contextual visibility to hosts/VMs, enabling the network to operate at speed of VMs and containers.  BCF analytics and telemetry optimized for VMware deployments enables real-time insights and one-click troubleshooting workflows for VM-to-VM troubleshooting across the fabric. BCF is the industry's only solution to provide simultaneous multi-SDDC automation -- in a multi-tenant deployment -- on the same underlay fabric.

Best of VMWorld

VMware SDDC Network Automation

  • Enterprise VPC (E-VPC) Auto-Provisioning

    Cloud-style agility - operate self-service networks at the speed of VMs

  • Host-to-Network

    Host MLAG automation and visibility for rapid SDDC deployment

  • Network Policy Migration with vMotion

    Automated policy migration and visibility for vMotion events

VMware SDDC Analytics

  • Real-time Host and
    VM Context

    Contextual analytics — Real-time visibility and rapid troubleshooting

  • Overlay/Underlay Correlation

    Deeper NSX overlay network visibility for underlay network admins

  • SDDC Event Insights & Time-series

    Network analysis and correlation for past SDDC events

VMware SDDC Visibility

  • VM-to-VM Fabric and Policy Trace

    One-click path and policy visualization for VM-to-VM traffic

  • App or Network
    Policy Resolution

    Rapid root cause analysis delivering maximum application uptime

  • SDDC Network
    Config Compliance

    Consistent policy enforcement to ensure config compliance

vSphere Network Automation

Seamless integration with multiple VMware vSphere deployments

Cloud-style E-VPC logical networking for self-service experience

Host MLAG automation for rapid compute/HCI deployment

Automated fabric-wide VLAN provisioning for vCenter port-groups changes, enabling the network to operate at the speed of VMs

Contextual analytics for fabric and virtualization -- VM, vSwitch and host attributes -- enabling real-time visibility, historical time-series and rapid troubleshooting

NSX Underlay Network Automation

Cloud-style automated underlay provisioning for NSX-T including ESXi/KVM hosts and transport VLANs

Cloud Network-as-a-Service operational experience with dedicated E-VPC for NSX-T

Overlay-underlay correlation with deeper network visibility for underlay network admins

Single-click fabric trace between any connected Tunnel end-points (TEPs) for rapid root cause analysis and troubleshooting

VxRail Network Automation

Infrastructure E-VPC simplifies VxRail cluster boot-strapping and expansion

Auto VxRail node detection with flexible placement anywhere in the fabric

Cloud-style automation for logical networks provisioning when port-groups and VMs are created in vCenter

Network policy migration automatically provisions or prunes VLANs when VM vMotion events occur

Contextual visibility and analytics for VxRail hosts and VMs with one-click troubleshooting

vSAN Network Automation

Architecture synergy -- BCF’s “one logical switch” complements vSAN’s “one logical datastore”

vSAN host MLAG automation for zero-touch software defined storage deployments

E-VPC network automation for vSAN clusters enables cloud-style storage on-prem

Fabric analytics provides real-time and historical views of vSAN cluster events

Fabric trace enables one-click troubleshooting for vSAN workloads

VCF Network Automation

Concurrent multiple E-VPC automation for VMware SDDC (vSphere, NSX, vSAN)

Dedicated E-VPC for each workload domain, allowing multi-tenancy and delegated administration for DevOps/Cloud teams

Contextual visibility and fabric analytics for network admins to get deep insights into VMware SDDC

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