Is data center transformation real? Despite traditional networking suppliers countering the forces of transformation, there are seven concrete principles that confirm data center network transformation is well underway. Each of these principles is based on innovations by Cloud Giants that are being adopted by mainstream enterprise and service provider organizations.

In this 7-part series with Big Switch Networks’ Chief Product Officer, Prashant Gandhi, we identify clear principles of cloud innovations in networking that apply to mainstream IT organizations. 

The 2nd concrete principle of data center network transformation is deployment topology that leverages core and pod design principles. A pod is a self-contained unit of computing, network, and storage; in our context, a “pod” is used interchangeably with a “pod network.” The core-and-pod design also makes it very easy to retire a pod without impacting the rest of the data center applications. No more seven-year architectural lock-in of legacy n-tier designs, which have led to massive innovation deficit and made networking a roadblock.